The best apps for anxiety: take a deep breath and download one

Many people suffer from anxiety, but you can find some relief with one of these apps for managing anxiety. We'll tell you how they work and how to choose one.


Find the best app to help you manage your anxiety and live a healthier mental life!

Get your mind back on track and don’t let anxiety hold you back

Great content for free
Simple and easy interface
Improve your sleep
Inner peace with hypnosis
Coloring to manage anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety crises, take a look at this post we’ve made with the best apps for controlling your stress. Not only your mental health depends on it, but your whole physical health too.

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How to download and use apps for anxiety?

If you can read this blog post, it means you have everything you need to download one of these apps and start taking care of your mental health. Get your app today.

Anxiety elevates your stress levels – and vice-versa. This compromises your entire body, lowering your immunity and impairing the functioning of your digestive system. If you want to fix this, read this post to pick an app to partner with you on this mental health journey.

Apps for managing anxiety: how do they work the best?

Mobile apps for anxiety control work by acting on factors that directly influence anxiety levels. Breathing and concentration exercises are excellent tools.

It is important to emphasize that the applications do not replace a professional therapeutic accompaniment. However, they can assist you in implementing good mental health practices.

5 best apps to lower your stress and anxiety

meditating program online
Let your cellphone help you with your stress levels. Source: Adobe Stock.

Don’t matter what’s causing your anxiety levels to rise, you can search for help before letting it take you down. Remember that taking care of yourself is an act of self-love. So if you feel like you could benefit from it, pick one of these apps and it will surely help you.


This awarded app is highly recommended by specialists. It will guide you out of your anxiety crisis. It has many different audios for different situations. If you’re having a panic attack or anxiety crisis there is no way to pretend it is not happening, and this is one of the best apps to solve this situation. Let dare help you consciously walk away from it.


Meditation is one of the best ways to calm down your mind and lower your stress levels. This app has the best guided meditations that will take you to a calm place inside your mind away from anxiety, and quiet your thoughts.

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Painting is a great way to calm your mind. This app has delightful drawings for you to choose from. Color all of them the way you’d like to and watch your anxious thoughts go away. Some of the best apps will deal with your anxiety with simple tools, but they’re super-efficient.


You’ve probably heard someone saying for you to breathe deeply when you’re nervous. That’s because breathing is directly linked to your stress and anxiety levels. Let the Breathwrk app teach you the best way to breathe and get rid of anxiety.

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis

There will be no clock swinging in front of your eyes, but this app will guide you to a calm state of mind. This is especially useful when you’re going to sleep, as many people will suffer from insomnia caused by anxiety.

Learn how to take the best advantage of your apps for anxiety

So, are you interested in improving your mental health with one of the best apps for anxiety? Great! We’ll tell you how to download them and how to use them efficiently. Just read the following content to start taking care of yourself right away.

Woman wearing earphones sitting on couch holding phone listening music

How to download and use apps for anxiety?

If you can read this blog post, it means you have everything you need to download one of these apps and start taking care of your mental health. Get your app today.

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