Colorfy App review: Unlock your creativity and release stress!

Find out why coloring books are the latest trend or a new way to relax. See what sets this app apart from other coloring apps and why you should give it a try! Read on to a Colorfy app review.


by Suzana Brito

Published on 12/05/2022

Colorfy App: Paint drawings with different levels of complexity

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Check out our Colorfy App review! Source: Colorfy app facebook

If you’re looking for a creative and fun way to relax and unwind, check out this Colorfy app review. It’s a free drawing app that allows users to color in drawings.

Colorfy app logo

How to download the Colorfy app

Discover how to download the Colorfy app to have a little more anxiety control with painting. Keep reading!

The app also features inspiring artwork from other users that can be used for reference and motivation. Read on to find out more about this amazing stress-relieving app.

What is the Colorfy App?

interface Colorfy app
Use this app to cope with your anxiety. Source: Colorfy app facebook

The Colorfy app is incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is open the app, select a drawing from the library or create your own, then start coloring!


Free version

With the free version, you can choose from a wide range of colors, including solid colors and gradients.

Also, you can upload your designs or add one you found online.


Colorfy Plus Subscription

The paid version unlocks more complex designs, and tools. You can add texture effects such as glitter and sparkles.

There are also brushes available for those who want more precise control over their artwork.

Additionally, there are tools such as erasers, zoom in/out controls, undo/redo functions, and more.

Here is how much you’ll pay for the Colorfy Plus subscription:

  • $2.99 weekly;
  • $7.99 monthly;
  • $39.99 yearly.

Users can also save their work within the app so they can come back later to finish it or share it with friends on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and much more.

Why it’s Great for Stress Relief

Colorfy was designed with relaxation in mind.

Its creators believed that coloring could effectively reduce stress levels while allowing people to express their creativity in a safe environment.

As such, the app has many drawings with different complexity but easy-to-use tools that help make the process even easier and more enjoyable.

Additionally, there are no time limits or pressure to finish quickly — you can take your time and enjoy yourself!

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Colorfy App pros and cons

Find out the pros and cons of the Colorfy App.


  • Over 120 free paint colors to choose from;
  • Play offline without wifi – color wherever you want;
  • Share your work with friends on social media and see what they’ve created too;
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface for all ages.


  • Complex drawings are paid, so you might get tired of the same designs.

How to download the Colorfy App?

By following our tips, you can easily find the colorful app to download on your phone. Just check out our post below for instructions.

Colorfy app logo

How to download the Colorfy app

Discover how to download the Colorfy app to have a little more anxiety control with painting. Keep reading!

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