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Updated on November 17, 2023.

Opening Remarks

At The Mad Capitalist (, we’re focused on enriching your financial journey with valuable insights. Our articles provide guidance on the best financial tools and strategies for better financial health.

Our Privacy Policy demonstrates our commitment to protecting your personal and financial information, ensuring its security and confidentiality.

Should you have questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please read it to understand your rights and choices. For further inquiries, contact us at [email protected], where our team is ready to provide clarity and address your privacy concerns.

Parameters of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice is provided by The Mad Capitalist (“we”, “us”, “our”) and explains how we handle your information during your use of our services (“Services”). Your interaction with our Services may include:

  • Visiting our website at or any other site of ours linking to this Privacy Policy.
  • Engaging with our services in other ways.

It’s important to understand that this Privacy Policy applies solely to our online activities and is intended for visitors to our website regarding their information interactions with The Mad Capitalist. This policy does not cover any information gathered offline or via methods other than this website.

When you use our website, you’re agreeing to our Privacy Policy and the Terms linked with it, available at

If you find that our policies and practices don’t match your preferences, we kindly ask that you choose not to use our Services.

I. Information We Collect


When you’re browsing The Mad Capitalist, we don’t gather your personal data. However, if you want access to special content, you can register in the restricted area. To do this, you’ll need to provide some personal information like your name, email, phone number, and address.

We collect this info in the restricted area to offer you exclusive content and verify that you’re a real person or a legal entity. This way, we can tailor individual strategies for each user.

If you reach out to The Mad Capitalist for information or to report an issue, we may also collect your personal data. In this case, we’ll store it for site administration purposes. 


At The Mad Capitalist, we collect not only the personal data you provide for registration or contact, but also non-personal data during your website visits. This includes digital information like your IP address, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), visit dates and times, and click patterns, gathered via Log Files.

We use Cookies and Web Beacons to tailor our offerings to your interests, essential for providing a personalized experience and aiding our advertising campaigns.

You can manage Cookies through your operating system settings. If not disabled, we’ll consider you’ve consented to their use.


The Mad Capitalist offers financial market insights and suggests our Advertising Partners’ pages for relevant products and services. When you view ads on our site, these partners receive a data report, including your IP address, using technologies like Cookies, Web Beacons, and JavaScript. This helps measure ad effectiveness.

Please note that we don’t control these Cookies; you can manage them via your operating system settings.

Clicking on an ad and visiting an Advertising Partner’s page does not establish a relationship. Our Privacy Policy applies only to your interactions with The Mad Capitalist.

Each website, including our Advertising Partners’, has its privacy policy. We advise you to review these policies for any concerns. As an example, Google, one of our partners, uses Dart Cookies to track visits. You can opt out and learn more about Google’s policy here:

For the privacy policies of our other Advertising Partners, please visit their respective websites.

II. Our Use of Your Information

We use the information we gather from our website in various ways to enhance your experience and improve our operations. Our methods include:

  • Maintaining Our Website: We work to provide, operate, and maintain our website efficiently.
  • Enhancing Our Website: We aim to improve, personalize, and broaden our website’s offerings to suit your preferences and needs.
  • Analyzing User Engagement: By understanding and analyzing how you use our website, we can tailor its functionality and content to better serve you.
  • Driving Innovation and Development: We’re committed to developing new products, services, features, and functionalities that meet your evolving needs and keep pace with technological progress.
  • Offering Communication and Support: We communicate with you directly or through our partners, offering customer service, website updates, and marketing and promotional information.
  • Email Communications: We send emails that may interest you, including newsletters, promotions, and other important updates.
  • Enhancing Security Measures: We focus on identifying and preventing fraudulent activities to protect the integrity and security of our website and your personal data.

III. Our Dedication to Data Integrity

The Mad Capitalist doesn’t sell the information it collects from users. However, as mentioned earlier, we may share this information with partners to enhance the user experience and develop strategies for their products and services. If a user prefers not to have their information shared, they can always request this under the terms of CCPA and GDPR laws.

The Mad Capitalist adheres to strict security standards for collecting and storing data. Our primary aim is to enhance the user experience and formulate strategies, services, and products for website development.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the internet, complete invulnerability is challenging. Therefore, The Mad Capitalist reserves the right to defend itself in case of data breaches caused by third parties acting in bad faith, using appropriate legal means.

IV. Asserting Your Rights to Data Privacy

1. Your Established Rights

At The Mad Capitalist, we understand and uphold your rights to your personal information, regardless of whether you have an account with us. It’s essential to be aware that these rights can vary depending on where you live. Different states or regions may offer specific rights concerning personal information to their residents. Therefore, the rights you have concerning the data we collect and process may differ based on your geographical location.

2. Data Retention Policy

At The Mad Capitalist, we keep your personal information for as long as it’s needed to meet our data retention requirements, deliver our services, and manage our business effectively, unless you indicate otherwise. If you choose to have all your personal information deleted from our records, please contact us at [email protected]. Once we receive your request, we will proceed to remove your data from our systems, respecting your preferences and complying with legal standards.

V. California Privacy Rights

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California residents have certain rights concerning their personal data. At The Mad Capitalist, these rights include:

  • Right to Know About Personal Data: You can ask us to disclose the categories and specific pieces of personal data we have collected.
  • Right to Delete Personal Data: You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data that we have collected.
  • Right to Opt-Out of Data Sale: You can request that we do not sell your personal data.

We at The Mad Capitalist are dedicated to addressing your requests in line with these rights within one month. If you want to exercise any of these rights or have questions about your data privacy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

VI. GDPR Data Protection Rights

At The Mad Capitalist, we prioritize your understanding of your data protection rights. As a user, you are entitled to various rights concerning your personal information:

  • Access to Your Data: You can request to see the personal data we hold about you. Note that this service might incur a small fee.
  • Correction of Your Data: If you find any errors in your personal data in our records, you have the right to request a correction. You can also ask us to fill in any incomplete data.
  • Deletion of Your Data: In specific circumstances, you can request that we delete your personal data from our systems.
  • Limitation on Data Processing: You can ask us to restrict how we process your personal data, under certain conditions.
  • Objection to Data Processing: You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data in particular situations.
  • Transfer of Your Data: You can request that we transfer the data we have collected about you to another organization or directly to you, subject to certain conditions.

We are committed to addressing your requests regarding these rights within one month. If you want to use any of these rights or have questions about your data, please contact us.

VII. Parent’s Children Information

The Mad Capitalist has no intention of collecting information from children under the age of 13. We encourage parents and guardians to keep an eye on their children’s online activities.

However, since it’s not always possible to determine a user’s exact age, we’re committed to promptly deleting any personal information from children as soon as we become aware of the situation.

If parents or guardians identify such a situation, we have a direct contact channel for reporting it. Please reach out to us at [email protected], and we’ll take the necessary steps to remove the data. 

VIII. Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

The Mad Capitalist reserves the right to change our Privacy Policy when necessary. These changes are important to keep up with new technology, legal rules, or changes in our business. We promise to clearly and quickly tell our users about any changes. We advise you to regularly check our Privacy Policy to stay informed about how we protect your personal information. Remember, continuing to use our services after we make changes means you agree to those changes.

IX. Our Contact Information

If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns about our Privacy Policy, your personally identifiable information, how we use or share your data, or if you want to discuss your consent choices, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected].

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