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This checking account offers cash back on your purchases!

GO2bank Checking: A modern way of banking, earn up to 7% cash back


GO2bank Checking offers its users many great features that stand out from other accounts on the market today, including very high APYs, no initial deposit requirements, no ATM fees, and bill pay services! It’s worth considering if you’re searching for an online checking account that offers great value and convenience.


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GO2bank Checking will make your financial life a breeze with its four unique advantages. Check them out to get more control over how you manage your money today.

Earn an above-average APY rate on your checking account;
You can earn up to 7% cash back on merchant purchases;
No minimum opening deposit means you can start saving today;
Available nationwide, you can manage your money online.

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Meet GO2bank Checking, your new ally in navigating the financial seas.

Designed to bridge the gap between traditional and modern banking, this account puts simplicity and accessibility at the forefront, promising a smoother sailing towards your monetary goals.

If you crave a blend of reliability and innovation, GO2bank is here to steer you towards financial wellness!

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Streamlined Direct Deposits: Ride the wave of efficiency with direct deposits that not only are secure but also have the potential to reach you up to two days earlier, fostering financial fluidity.
  • Robust Cashback Rewards: Dive into a sea of rewards with up to 7% cash back on eGift Card purchases from a myriad of popular merchants, adding a sprinkle of joy to your spending.
  • Overdraft Protection: Navigate financial ebbs and flows with ease, thanks to the optional overdraft protection feature, offering a buffer for those stormy days.
  • Building Credit History: Anchor your financial future by opting into the credit builder feature, allowing you to establish and enhance your credit history over time.
  • Fee-Free ATMs: Access your funds without the extra costs at a vast network of fee-free ATMs, ensuring your money is always within arm’s reach.

Limitations to Consider

  • Monthly Service Fee: Keep an eye on the horizon for the monthly service fee, which, while avoidable, necessitates regular account activity and balance monitoring.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: International waters bring additional transaction fees, requiring careful consideration for those with a penchant for global exploration.
  • Deposit Limitations: The limitations on daily and monthly deposit amounts might restrain those with higher transaction volumes, necessitating strategic financial planning.
  • Customer Service Channels: A broader array of customer service channels could enhance the accessibility and user experience for diverse customer needs.

GO2bank Checking emerges as a beacon of reliability and innovation in the vast financial ocean, offering a balanced blend of rewards, accessibility, and credit-building features.

While the adventurous should navigate fees and deposit limits, the account remains a steadfast companion for those seeking smoother financial waters.

Yes, the GO2bank Checking account comes with rewards! For every purchase you make with merchants in the app with your GO2bank debit card, you’ll earn up to 7% cash back.

Yes, there is a $5 monthly maintenance fee for GO2bank Checking. However, this fee can be waived with one direct deposit. Also, there aren’t any other fees besides this one.

Yes, the GO2bank Checking is available to all states. It’s a great way to get your finances in order and keep track of your spending.

The minimum balance for the GO2bank Checking is $0. You don’t need to worry about making an initial deposit to have your account opened. You just need to fit the requirements and apply for this account online.

Go2Bank logo

GO2bank Checking application: how does it work?

Applying for GO2bank Checking can be a breeze – follow our guide, and we will tell you everything you need to start. Earn up to 7% cash back.

Are you looking for a financial solution to make your trips more affordable while also managing accounts with larger balances? Look no further than the HSBC Premier Checking Account.

This account offers exclusive benefits, including surcharge-free worldwide ATM access and waived foreign transaction fees.

Plus, complimentary savings accounts give additional advantages that fit any needs or budget. To get all the full details of what this checking account can offer and how to open one, check out our post as follows.

HSBC logo

HSBC Premier Checking application

Find out how to apply for the HSBC Premier Checking in less than five minutes. Enjoy free ATMs and more. Read on!

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