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Zero liability and credit limit control makes this credit card easy to use!

First Phase Visa® Card: Your chance to improve your credit score over time


The First Phase Visa® Card is an amazing opportunity for people who have never been able to get credit before. With this card, you can build your borrowing power and achieve the lifestyle of any dream without worrying about high-interest rates or hefty monthly payments! Also, it serves the ones who find themselves in bad credit and need a makeover!


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Discover more advantages of the First Phase Visa® Card that will give you the fresh start you need!

The application is online and simple so that you can get started quickly.;
First Phase Visa® Card helps boost your credit score so that you can improve your financial future;
Limit management makes it easy to stay within budget, and the card even accepts low scores;
There are great chances of approval with a First Phase Visa® Card– so you don't have to worry about being rejected.

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Meet the First Phase Visa® Card, a beacon of opportunity for those looking to charter a course in the vast sea of credit.

Tailored for both the novice and those seeking a credit comeback, this card opens doors to financial possibilities.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Welcoming Credit Spectrum: Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned credit expert or a beginner, the First Phase Visa® Card does not discriminate, offering a shot at credit-building or rejuvenation to all.
  • Credit Bureau Reporting: Timely payments won’t go unnoticed. By consistently honoring your financial commitments, you can gradually boost your credit score, thanks to regular reporting to the three primary credit bureaus.
  • 24/7 Account Management: A world where you’re in control. With round-the-clock online access, understanding your expenditure and maintaining your account has never been more straightforward.
  • Protection Against Fraud: Sleep easy knowing you’re shielded. The card comes equipped with state-of-the-art security features, offering protection against unauthorized transactions.
  • Flexible Credit Limits: The First Phase Visa® Card offers credit limits that cater to your needs, ensuring you have room to spend, yet within a manageable boundary.

Limitations to Consider

  • Accompanying Fees: Owning the First Phase Visa® Card isn’t without its costs. Be prepared for an annual fee that may impact the card’s overall value proposition.
  • Increased Interest Rate: The card’s APR might lean on the higher side, which can add up if you’re someone who typically carries a balance month-to-month.
  • Limited Perks: While the card is a boon for credit-building, it doesn’t come packed with rewards or cashback offers, which some users might miss.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: If you’re an international traveler, the card might not be your best travel companion due to foreign transaction fees.

The First Phase Visa® Card positions itself as a sturdy stepping stone for those yearning to enhance or establish their credit footprint.

While its features are directed at creating a robust credit foundation, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits against the costs.

If credit growth is your goal and you can master the fee structure, this card might just be the financial partner you’ve been seeking.

No, you can’t. The First Phase Visa® Card is for credit repair only. It’s not a regular rewards credit card. So if you’re looking to earn points or miles, this isn’t the card for you.

The First Phase Visa® Card can help improve your credit score in at least three ways: -Paying on time demonstrates that you are reliable and responsible with debt. -Keeping your card usage below 30% of your limit shows you can handle borrowing money without going into too much debt. -It reports your credit history to the three main credit bureaus in the country. -Both factors are important in demonstrating to credit agencies that you are a low-risk borrower.

The First Phase Visa® has a one-time fee of $75 for the first year and a yearly renewal fee of $48.

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How to apply for First Phase Visa® Card

The First Phase Visa® Card application process is uncomplicated. Find out the must-have requirements and where to apply. Read on!

Are you unsure if the First Phase Visa® Card is what you want? The Revvi card is another considerable choice for people with low or zero credit who want rewards.

This unsecured card is full of benefits such as 1% cash back on all purchases and an easy application process, which means it won’t take more than two minutes from start to finish!

Plus, no deposits or security precautions are necessary – make sure you pay off balances each month so that fees don’t pile up! Get the scoop on how to apply for it as follows.

Revvi Credit Card

How to apply for Revvi Card

A credit card for bad scores, with 1% cash back! Read on!

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