Revvi Card application: how does it work?

You don't need an excellent credit score to earn cash back on your purchases. Learn more about the Revvi Card application process and make your money worth more!


Revvi Card: Apply now to get 1% cashback

Revvi Card
Find out how the Revvi Card application process works! Source: The Mad Capitalist.

The Revvi Card application is quick and easy. However, before you apply, consider the following requirements.


Credit Card


cash back build credit

A credit card for bad scores, with 1% cash back!

You will be redirected to another website

  • The application is secure and online, so make sure you have access to a computer with the internet;
  • You must be 18 years old to apply, then review the policy for each state on their website;
  • No credit checks are required; however, it targets those with bad or fair credit;
  • They require a one-time program fee $95 that should be paid before opening your account. So make sure you have that amount;
  • You must have a checking account to apply.

After that, go to their website and fill out the form. You’ll get a response in seconds!

Apply online

Revvi Card application
Learn more about the online application process. Source: Revvi.

The application is online. Here’s the step-by-step to help you go as fast as 3 min.

First, you can open an account through the Revvi Visa Card website. You’ll see a “Apply Now” button there. Hit it.

So you will be prompted to fill out their application form. Then be ready to provide some personal and basic financial information.

Make sure to read the contracts and terms after you’ve finished. Then you may submit it.

Finally, remember to pay the $95 one-time program fee to start using it.

Apply using the app

It is not possible to use their app to request your Revvi Credit Card. Instead, use it to check balances and make transactions quickly.

Revvi Card vs. Total Visa® Card 

If the Revvi Card doesn’t meet your needs, the Total Visa® is a similar alternative.

Both are above-average maintenance that lets you restore or establish credit with high chances of approval. Before you make your decision, compare them to see how they stack up.

Revvi Card

Multiple personalized credit card offers

Applying won't hurt your credit score

You will be redirected to another website

Total Visa® Card

  • Credit Score: Fair/Bad Credit.
  • Annual Fee: $75.00 1st year, $48.00 after.
  • Regular APR: 35.99% on purchases and cash advances.
  • Welcome bonus: N/A.
  • Rewards: 1% cash back on card payments.

And if you are interested in knowing how to apply for the Total Visa® Card, check out our post below to find out!

Total Visa® Card

How to apply to Total Visa

Learn how to apply for the Total Visa® credit card and get your credit history restored. It is a good solution if you want to rebuild your credit!

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