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Pay your secured deposit in small monthly payments that will fit your pocket!

Self Visa® Credit Card: Build your credit responsibly!


Self Visa® Credit Card will get your finances back on track and build a stronger credit history. This card helps improve your score with a secured deposit that comes in small payments. Grant access to check out your FICO score and reports your payment activity to the three largest bureaus. No matter where you're starting from, this card is what you need for financial success!

Apply for the Self Visa® Credit Card today and improve your credit score with small payments! Check what else this card offers!

No hard credit inquiries - your credit score is never impacted;
No upfront deposits - get the card today and use it anywhere Visa is accepted;
Helps to build and repair bad credit - a great way to start rebuilding your credit history;
Reports your credit activity to all 3 bureaus - track your progress and improve your score.

Despite being a low-cost credit card that will help you build credit, the Self Visa® Credit Card comes with additional costs. As a result, cardholders will have to pay an annual fee of $25. This card also charges a one-time activation fee of $9 for the credit builder account.

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Self Visa® Credit Card application

Learn the basics to make the application for the Self Visa® Credit Card. Start improving your credit score today!

Do you want to look at other secured card options? Start by checking the Discover it® Secured Card. It comes with no annual fee and offers and up to 2% cash back on purchases!

Check the following article and learn how to apply for this card and how it can help you with your financial need! Read on!

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How do you get the Discover it® Secured card?

The Discover it® Secured credit card will amaze you with its benefits, cash back in every purchase, and no annual fee. If that's what you look for, learn how to apply!

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