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Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa® review: is it legit and worth it?

Get into the cryptocurrencies market with the help of Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa®. You'll get Bitcoins in every purchase. Check this review to learn more!


by Julia Bermudez

05/02/2022 | Updated on 03/09/2023

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa® review: nos fees to get Bitcoin in every purchase

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa credit card
Read this review to learn more about the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa®. Source: Upgrade

The Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa® is perfect for crypto enthusiasts, and you’ll learn all about it in this review. It gives cashback on every purchase, but instead of money, you will get Bitcoins.

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How do you get the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa®?

To get into the cryptocurrencies market, apply for the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa® and start receiving your cashback as Bitcoin. Learn how to get it here.

While some are still suspicious about the crypto market, it is still attracting investors and many have made a big money on it. The Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards bets on Bitcoin as a valuable reward. You can apply for this card and get a credit limit from $500 to $25,000.

This card is your ticket to the cryptocurrencies land. Learn more about its benefits by reading this article.

Credit ScoreFair/Good/Excellent
Annual Fee$0
Regular APR14.99% – 29.99% variable APR
Welcome bonus$200 bonus after opening a Rewards Checking account and making 3 debit card transactions
Rewards1.5% cashback as Bitcoin on every purchase

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa®: is it legit?

Upgrade is one more financial startup growing in the credit cards and checking accounts market. It is issued by Sutton Bank and has many financial products. One of them is the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa® credit card.

Even though crypto rewards are getting more common, they are still a minority. The interesting thing about getting Bitcoin as a reward is that its value fluctuates, and you can get more or less value depending on the appreciation of the cryptocurrency in the market. The expectation is that Bitcoin will keep increasing its value.

This card is a good opportunity to enter the crypto market without risking the money on your bank account, as you’ll get it as cashback on your purchases. Your bitcoins are held in the trading platform NYDIG.


Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa®: should you get one?

bitcoin on top of laptop
If you’re into Bitcoins, you will enjoy this card’s benefits. Source: Adobe Stock.

If you’re interested in cryptocurrencies, you can give this card a try. Take a look at the pros and cons:



  • No annual fee and no foreign transaction fees.
  • If you need to carry your balance, you have the option to split it into fixed monthly installments.
  • The application process is straightforward, and you can pre-qualify without hurting your credit score.
  • You can transfer money to your bank account like a loan and pay it in fixed installments on your credit card bill.
  • Contactless payment using Google Pay™ or Apple Pay™.


  • The bitcoin rewards may not be worthy for many people.
  • You have to wait 90 days to withdraw your rewards and you’ll pay a 1.5% transaction fee. You can redeem them as statement credit only.
  • Card not available in DC, IA, WV, WI, NC, NH, HI.

Multiple personalized credit card offers

Applying won't hurt your credit score

You will be redirected to another website

Credit scores required

You don’t need a perfect credit score to get this card, but the recommended one is at least 630. So, if your score is not that good but not that bad either, you can give it a try.

Also, Upgrade gives you the chance to see if you qualify without a hard inquiry on your credit score.

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa® credit card application: how to do it?

The application process is entirely online and you can get approved in minutes. To learn how to do it, read the following content.

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa credit card

How to apply for the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa®

To get into the cryptocurrencies market, apply for Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa® and start receiving your cashback as Bitcoin. Learn how to get it here.

*Disclaimer: To qualify for the welcome bonus, you must open and fund a new Rewards Checking account and make 3 qualifying debit card transactions from your Rewards Checking account within 60 days of the date the Upgrade Card account is opened. To qualify, debit card transactions must have settled and exclude ATM transactions. Please refer to the applicable Upgrade VISA® Debit Card Agreement and Disclosures for more information. Your Upgrade Card and Rewards Checking account must be open and in good standing to receive a bonus. If you have previously opened a Rewards Checking account or do not open one as part of this application process, you are not eligible for this welcome bonus offer. Welcome bonus offers cannot be combined, substituted, or applied retroactively. The value of the $200 bonus will be based on the value of bitcoin at the time it is purchased (within 1-2 statement periods from the date the bonus is earned) and may change in price by the time you choose to sell it.

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