Walmart MoneyCard® review: Perfect for Walmart shoppers

The Walmart MoneyCard® is here to make your life easier and your shopping experience better! Read our full review to learn more.


Walmart MoneyCard®: Get discounts at Walmart stores, website, and gas stations!

Walmart MoneyCard®
Learn why the Walmart MoneyCard® is such a good choice for your wallet. Source: The Mad Capitalist.

If you are a frequent Walmart shopper, then you should take a look at our Walmart MoneyCard® review. It’s a prepaid card full of benefits you can use in their stores.

With this reloadable card, you’ll get 3% cash back in most Walmart facilities, plus other rewards. Also, you won’t need a credit check or a checking account to apply for one!


Debit Card

Walmart MoneyCard®

mastercard debit card

See how you can easily get your Walmart MoneyCard® and start earning rewards!

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  • Credit Score: Available for all credit scores;
  • Annual Fee: Monthly fees of $5.94 (waive the fee with a direct deposit – see terms);
  • Regular APR: N/A;
  • Welcome bonus: None currently;
  • Rewards: 3% cash back at; 2% cash back at Walmart fuel stations; 1% cash back at Walmart stores (reward valid for up to $75 each year).

Sounds good? Then keep reading our Walmart MoneyCard® review to learn more about it!

Walmart MoneyCard®: how does it work?

The Walmart MoneyCard® is Walmart’s reloadable prepaid debit card that offers a safer and more convenient way to shop in their stores. You can load different forms. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Direct deposit: you can get your paycheck up to two days early with Direct Deposit. Activate this option on the cards’ app if you want to use it;
  • Online transfer: you can also deposit using your bank’s regular transfers.

Walmart MoneyCard® Advantages

Once you know how to reload your Walmart MoneyCard®, let’s understand the advantages. First, you can waive the $5.49 monthly fee by making a $500 deposit.

Second, you can earn 2% APY (Annual percentage yields) interest on savings yearly.

Third, Walmart MoneyCard® rewards buyers with the following options for cash back: 3% at (online store), 1% cash back at Walmart stores, and 2% cash back at Walmart fuel stations.

Finally, you can activate four other free accounts for family members up to 13 years old.

Walmart MoneyCard® Fees

You can withdraw, pay bills, and get cash back at Walmart stores nationwide.

There are many things you can do with this card. Likewise, they charge different fees to enjoy these services. Check some of the most important ones:

  • Activation fee: $1 one-time only;
  • Monthly fee: $5.49 (can be waived);
  • Withdrawal ATM: $2.50;
  • ATM balance inquiry: $0.50;
  • International transactions: 3% of the amount.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to use your Walmart MoneyCard® anywhere Visa or Mastercard debit cards are accepted in the USA.

Walmart MoneyCard®: should you get one?

person shopping using the Walmart MoneyCard®
Check out the pros and cons to this card. Source: Walmart.

The Walmart MoneyCard® is a great financial tool for anyone who frequently uses their services and wants an easier way to pay and still get rewards.

Next in our Walmart MoneyCard® review, we’ll go over some pros and cons so you can decide whether or not you should get the card.

Multiple personalized credit card offers

Applying won't hurt your credit score

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  • Waive your monthly fee when you direct deposit $500+ in previous monthly period. Otherwise, $5.94 a month.*
  • Earn 3% cash back at, 2% cash back at Walmart fuel stations, & 1% cash back at Walmart stores, up to $75 each year.*
  • Earn 2% interest rate on up to $1,000 balance in your savings account. Plus, get chances to win cash prizes each month!*
  • Get peace of mind with three coverage levels, up to $200, for purchase transactions with opt-in & eligible direct deposit.*
  • *Please see site for full terms and conditions.


  • Many fees, especially if you buy out of Walmart locations.

Credit score required

The Walmart MoneyCard® is a prepaid debit card that doesn’t require a credit score. That means it’s an excellent option for people who don’t have good credit or who don’t want to use a credit card. 

Walmart MoneyCard® application: how to do it?

You can apply to the Walmart MoneyCard® online. It’s easy and fast. Read our post below to understand how to do it.


Debit Card

Walmart MoneyCard®

mastercard debit card

See how you can easily get your Walmart MoneyCard® and start earning rewards!

You will remain in the same website

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