Discover it® Secured credit card review: is it worth it?

The Discover it Secured credit card is one of a kind. Their benefits are unlike any other secured card out there. It will not only give your credit reputation back but also cashback. How could it be better?


Discover it® Secured credit card: start building a healthy financial life with no annual fee

You can choose between five beautiful colors. Source: Discover.

Have you heard about Discover it® Secured credit card? It has a fantastic reputation for helping cardholders to build or rebuild their credit scores.

If you’ve been through some hard times that lead you to a bad credit score, don’t worry. You can always start over, and this card will give you a hand.

If that’s your case, or if you’re simply a first-timer with credit cards, consider this card. We’ll tell you more about it in this review. Stay with us.

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How do you get the Discover it® Secured card?

The Discover it® Secured credit card will amaze you with its benefits, cash back in every purchase, and no annual fee. If that's what you look for, learn how to apply!

Credit ScoreNo credit score required
Annual Fee$0
Regular APR22,99%. Variable.
Welcome bonusUnlimited Cashback Match. It doubles all the cash back you’ve earned in the first year.
Rewards2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants. Terms apply.
1% cash back on other purchases.
Double your cashback at the end of your first year.

Discover it® Secured credit card

Secured credit cards are meant for people with bad credit scores or no credit score at all. Usually, the annual fee is low or zero, which is the case of the Discover it Secured card with no annual fee.

To start your account, you have to deposit at least $200. Your credit limit will be equal to your first deposit. It may seem like a paradox, but remember, you need to have a credit card to build a credit story and access loans and other credit accounts.

After seven months, if you make responsible use of your card, you may be upgraded to an unsecured card and get your deposit back. Also, Discover will report your credit history to some of the major credit bureaus, which is not usual with secured cards.

This card is really the chance everybody needs to build or rebuild a credit reputation.

Discover it® Secured Credit card: should you get one?

Regain access to credit with your Discover it Secured card. Is easy to apply and to be approved. Source: Freepik.

If you have a bad credit score or even no credit score at all, you should consider getting one.

Check the pros and cons we highlighted for you:


  • No credit score is required.
  • Cash back in every purchase.
  • Welcome offer of Unlimited Cashback Math will double your annual cash back in the first year.
  • Possibility to upgrade to an unsecured credit card after seven months.
  • Discover will send reports of your credit story to credit bureaus, which will count for building your credit score.


  • Requires a minimum deposit of $200.
  • Your credit limit will equal your deposit, which means you’ll need to put more money on it if you need a larger credit limit.
  • High APR (like the majority of secured cards).

Multiple personalized credit card offers

Applying won't hurt your credit score

You will be redirected to another website

Credit scores required

Like most secured cards, the Discover it Secured card doesn’t require any credit score.

Discover it® Secured credit card application: how to do?

You can apply for this card online. We’ll show you how to do it, check the content below.

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How do you get the Discover it® Secured card?

The Discover it® Secured credit card will amaze you with its benefits, cash back in every purchase, and no annual fee. If that's what you look for, learn how to apply!

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