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Level up your rewards experience – Earn up to 6x points on purchases, plus exclusive benefits!

From Restaurants to Hotels: Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card Can Save You Money!


Marriott Bonvoy hotels offer luxury, top-notch services, and an amazing experience for their guests. So, if you often travel for business and stay at this hotel line, the Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card is a must-have. With its up to 6 poins Marriott Bonvoy’s points on all purchase, you could redeem these points for hotel stays or transfer them to airline partners, saving even more.


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Experience the ultimate travel rewards with the Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card, designed exclusively for small-business owners and Marriott Bonvoy enthusiasts. Check 4 incredible benefits that will enhance your business travel experience:

Receive a 7% Marriot Bonvoy room rate discount
Earn one free night every calendar year
Get automatic Gold Elite Status
Earn up to 6 points on all purchases

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For business professionals with a penchant for upscale travel and top-tier accommodations, the Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card brings forth a medley of privileges and perks.

This card is more than just a payment method; it’s a gateway to a luxurious journey. Let’s unpack its offerings and ponder on the areas where it might not hit the mark.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Exclusive Hotel Perks: Access complimentary Silver Elite status with your Card Membership, and upgrade to Gold Elite status after reaching specific spend thresholds.
  • Generous Reward Points: Earn accelerated points on categories like dining, gas stations, and more, ensuring every expense turns into a potential stay at Marriott properties.
  • Free Night Stays: Relish in a complimentary night stay at select Marriott properties each year upon your card anniversary.
  • Comprehensive Travel Protection: With baggage insurance, car rental loss and damage insurance, and a global assist hotline, travel with peace of mind.
  • Flexible Redemption Options: Your points can be utilized not only for stays but also for flights, exclusive experiences, and even gift cards.
  • Business-Centric Benefits: Manage business expenses effectively with tools like spending summaries and employee card options.

Limitations to Consider 

  • Annual Fee: The card comes with a significant annual fee, which might deter those looking for budget-friendly card options.
  • Targeted Demographic: Its features primarily cater to those who travel frequently and prefer Marriott properties. If you don’t fall into this category, the card might not offer optimal value.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: While it’s a card designed for travelers, it levies fees on foreign transactions, which can accumulate over multiple international trips.
  • Competing Hotel Cards: There are several other hotel-focused credit cards in the market that might offer more attractive or diverse benefits.

In the grand tapestry of business travel credit cards, the Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card positions itself as a luxurious contender.

If you’re a frequent traveler with a partiality towards Marriott’s vast range of properties, this card could prove to be an invaluable asset.

Nonetheless, ensure that its benefits align seamlessly with your business and travel patterns to extract its maximum potential.

Unfortunately, that is not an option. Marriott Bonvoy Points can only be redeemed for stays and experiences at Marriott Bonvoy hotels or converted into miles with qualified airline partners. So whether it’s a beachside villa in Koh Samui or a ski lodge in the Swiss Alps, it needs to be a Marriott property to pay with points. However, once you experience the luscious blankets, fancy bathroom amenities, and mouth-watering menus in any Marriott venue, no other vacation will do.

No, there is no limit to the number of Marriott Bonvoy points you can earn with the Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card. Also, you can earn points on all your purchases, as a result, you can make the most of your reward experience with this credit card.

This credit card is perfect for international use as it comes with no foreign transaction fees, ensuring you won’t have to worry about additional charges while using it abroad. Also, you’ll enjoy a full package of benefits, so don’t hesitate in getting this credit card!

Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card

Apply for Marriott Bonvoy Business® AMEX

Unveil the secrets to apply for the Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card – up to 6x points on purchases and more!

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