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Get access to more than 16,000 ATMs and more than 4,700 branches nationwide

Chase Total Checking®: Get Zero Liability Protection for added security!


Chase Total Checking® provides customers with features like Chase Overdraft Assist℠, access to more than 16,000 ATMs and more than 4,700 branches nationwide. Manage your account with the Chase Mobile app and enjoy Zero Liability Protection for added security. This comprehensive package makes it ideal for people looking for a reliable checking account that meets their everyday banking needs.

See the good side of Chase Total Checking® below!

Free access to branches and ATMs – no need to worry about hidden fees;
Cardless ATM access – get your cash without carrying your debit card around with you;
Customer support is available 24/7 in case of any problems;
Online application makes it easy to sign up for a checking account without leaving home.

Welcome to the world of uncompromised convenience with Chase Total Checking®! This account is your ticket to a hassle-free and rewarding banking journey, marrying functionality with flexibility.

If you’re on the hunt for a daily checking account that understands your needs and adapts to your lifestyle, Chase Total Checking® is ready to step up to the plate!

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Widespread Accessibility: With thousands of branches and ATMs across the nation, your account is accessible wherever life takes you, fostering a sense of financial freedom.
  • Mobile Banking Perks: Stay ahead in your financial game with the user-friendly Chase Mobile® app, allowing you to monitor, manage, and move your money seamlessly, wherever you are.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Keep your finger on the pulse of your finances with customized alerts, ensuring you are the first to know about deposits, transactions, and any suspicious activities.
  • Overdraft Protection: Enjoy the safety net of Chase’s Overdraft Protection service, linking your savings account to cover those pesky unexpected shortages.
  • Zero Liability Protection: Breathe easy with the assurance that you are not held responsible for unauthorized transactions, safeguarding your hard-earned money.

Limitations to Consider

  • Monthly Service Fee: The monthly service fee can be a downside unless met with direct deposits or minimum balance requirements, necessitating a vigilant eye on account management.
  • Non-Chase ATM Fees: Venturing out to non-Chase ATMs might incur additional fees, making it crucial to plan your cash withdrawals mindfully.
  • International Transaction Fees: Globe-trotters beware! Foreign transactions come with their set of fees, so international adventures need some financial foresight.
  • No Interest on Deposits: Your funds won’t be growing on their own, as the account does not offer interest on your deposits, which could be a dealbreaker for some.

Chase Total Checking® is a quintessential companion for those seeking convenience and accessibility in their banking experience.

While the potential fees and lack of interest on deposits warrant consideration, the host of benefits and security features make it a strong contender in the checking account arena.

Yes, Chase Total Checking® charges a monthly fee of $12. But there are three ways to waive the Chase Total Checking® monthly fee. First, you can avoid it by making electronic deposits of $500 or more through the ACH network, Real Time Payment network, or Visa®/Mastercard® third-party services. Second, by keeping at least $1,500 on your account balance each beginning of a new day. Thirdly, by combining balance with other accounts that result in $5,000 or more.

There’s no minimum balance for the Chase Total Checking®. However, keeping a $1,500+ balance on your account can help avoid the monthly fee of $12.

Chase Total Checking® is available to all 50 states, with more than 16K ATMs nationwide and 4,700 branches.

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How to apply for Chase Total Checking®

Ready to take control of your financial future? Open a Chase Total Checking® — Find out how to do it here! No hidden fees and several perks.

Looking for a more convenient and value-packed online checking account that can offer interest? Look no further than GO2bank Checking!

With its high APYs, zero initial deposit requirements, or ATM fees – this is one of the most attractive options on the market today. Give it a try now! Check out our post with more details here.

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GO2bank Checking application: how does it work?

Applying for GO2bank Checking can be a breeze – follow our guide, and we will tell you everything you need to start. Earn up to 7% cash back.

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