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Find low-cost flights to locations nationwide and worldwide using the app!

Priceline, save up to 50% on your next adventure!


Get the cheapest deals on flights with Priceline! From budget-friendly options to discounted rates within 24 hours of booking, this app is a great pay less on flights. With hundreds of tickets available and smart filters that make searching for the best option easy, you can find competitive rates worth considering. Book now with Priceline and get flying sooner!


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Priceline is the ultimate app when it comes to booking affordable flights. Discover multiple airlines worldwide and benefit from four key advantages of using this helpful platform. Check them out below!

Save a lot of money by booking flights through Priceline;
Find flights significantly cheaper than you would find through other booking sites or airlines;
Access various ways to search for flights to find the option that best suits your needs;
Use the app to book hotels, rental cars, and more, all in one place.

You will remain in the same website

Soar through the skies without burning a hole in your wallet with Priceline’s flight-booking platform.

Gone are the days when air travel was a luxury; with Priceline, it’s an affordable reality.

Whether it’s a business trip or a spontaneous weekend getaway, Priceline promises flight deals that make your travel aspirations achievable.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Competitive Prices: Priceline continually scours the market to bring you some of the most competitive airfare deals, ensuring value for every dollar.
  • Numerous Airline Options: With an extensive network of airline partnerships, Priceline provides a buffet of flight choices, suiting varied preferences and needs.
  • Frequent Deals and Discounts: Regular promotional offers and seasonal deals mean there’s always a chance to snag that flight for less.
  • Flexible Dates Search: If your dates are adaptable, Priceline’s flexible date search can highlight when it’s cheapest to fly, maximizing savings.
  • Flight and Hotel Bundles: Couple your flight booking with a hotel reservation and unlock even greater discounts, making your entire trip more cost-effective.

Limitations to Consider 

  • Fare Rules and Restrictions: Some of the cheapest fares come with stringent rules and no option for cancellation or modification, limiting flexibility.
  • Limited Visibility on Ultra-Low-Cost Carriers: Some budget airlines may not appear in Priceline’s search results, potentially missing out on those deals.
  • Service Fees: While not exorbitant, Priceline does charge service fees on some bookings, which can add to your travel costs.
  • Overwhelming Choices: The sheer volume of flight options, while beneficial, can sometimes be overwhelming for users looking for a quick and straightforward booking experience.

Priceline’s flight-centric platform is a game-changer for the modern-day traveler. Offering a nexus of affordability and convenience, it democratizes air travel.

However, the savvy traveler would do well to navigate the platform with an informed lens, balancing the lure of low prices against the nuances of fare restrictions.

With Priceline, the world becomes a smaller, more accessible place. Ready to take flight?

Yes, you can trust Priceline’s service. The company has an excellent record of providing reliable and secure customer services. In addition, Priceline is a trusted and well-known name in travel booking services. The company also makes sure to abide by all applicable consumer protection laws to ensure your rights are always respected when using their services.

Priceline offers flights from hundreds of airlines worldwide. Major U.S. and international airlines like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Air France-KLM, Lufthansa, and more are available on the platform. Short-haul domestic flights may include Southwest Airlines or Alaska Airlines in addition to other regional carriers such as JetBlue or Frontier Airlines.

Experience the convenience of Priceline from anywhere you go – book your dream vacation using their website or app. Get amazing discounts and deals on flights, hotels and car rentals!

You can book flights directly through Priceline. The website offers many options for booking flights, with no minimum or maximum length of stay. You can search for specific airlines and routes and compare prices on different days or times. Check out our post below to learn how to find the best deals!

Ryazan, Russia - May 20, 2018: Homepage of PriceLine website on the display of PC, url - PriceLine.com.

How to buy cheap flights on Priceline

Discover how to buy cheap flights on Priceline, comparing thousands of deals. Save up to 50% on your next flight! Keep reading and learn how!

Here’s a top-notch competitor to Priceline: Skyscanner! This website/app is also an incredible source to find deals and explore the world on a budget. Find incredible prices with its multiple filters for one-way, round-trip flights.

You can also save even more by searching specific airline deals or locking down great hotel packages. Do you want to travel smarter and cheaper with Skyscanner? Check out our post below!

SkyScanner mobile app

How to buy cheap flights on SkyScanner

Are you looking for ways to save money when you travel? Use these tips to buy cheap flights on Skyscanner. Overnight flights from $29.99!

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