Robinhood Investing review: the best way to start your investing career

Do you want to start investing but don't want to pay high fees? You've just found the perfect broker. Check the Robinhood Investing app features and prices to see if this is what you're looking for.


Robinhood Investing: learn more about it and start investing today

robinhood investing app
Learn more about the Robinhood Investing platform. Source: Adobe Stock.

This Robinhood Investing review will show you the pros and cons of using this platform. If you’re looking for low costs and initiating your investing career, you might get interested in what this online broker has to offer.

This platform has some good investment options, including crypto. It charges no fees and no commissions, so it’s an excellent way to start getting into the investment game without compromising more of your money.

I should clarify here that although I used the word “game,” it is just an expression: investments are not a game and will cost you real money. So pay attention to your decisions and remember that every investment comes with a risk.

By the way, the Robinhood Investing platform has excellent educational content for you to start learning more about this subject. Let’s see what more they have to offer.

Trading fees$0
Account minimum$0
PromotionGet one free stock for signing up
Investment choicesStocks
robinhood investing app

How to join the Robinhood Investing?

Need a little help to start investing? Take a look at Robinhood Investing features to see if it suit your needs. It has no fees and no comissions.

Robinhood Investing: how does it work?

Robinhood is an online broker that provides trading services. You can buy and sell stocks, ETFs, Options, and Crypto at no cost. The competitive price is of the most attractive aspects of this platform, as you will see on this Robinhood Investing review. If you’re a more experienced investor, you might prefer a more advanced platform with more features and investment types available.

However, if you’re just getting started in the investments world, it will suit you perfectly. That’s because the platform is pretty intuitive and simple to use, and you can learn how to invest without having to compromise a lot of money, as Robinhood has no minimum account for you to start. And as a sign-up bonus, you’ll get a free stock to start with the right foot.

Learn all the benefits and disadvantages of Robinhood Investing

robinhood investing app
The mobile app is easy to use. Source: Adobe Stock.

It is imperative to look at the pros and cons of every broker you’re researching. Investing your money is an important decision, and you have to choose the best broker for you. We’ve highlighted some benefits and disadvantages you can find while using the Robinhood platform to invest. See what they are below in our Robinhood Investing review.


  • Simple and intuitive design, suitable for beginners.
  • Robinhood offers a cash management service in which you can earn interest on your savings.
  • When you open your brokerage account with Robinhood and fund it with any amount, you earn a free stock as a welcome bonus. The value is decided at random, and if you’re lucky you can get up to $200 in stock.
  • Low costs, with no fees and no commissions.
  • Although you can use it on your desktop, this platform was designed to be used primarily on your phone through the mobile app. This is where it outstands.


  • Lack some investment options, like Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Retirement Accounts.
  • Unfortunately, the Robinhood app has a considerable amount of negative reviews from its users and is working to improve its customer service.

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Is it worth it to join Robinhood Investing?

When it comes to pricing, Robinhood Investing is pretty competitive, with $0 fees and $0 commission. The straightforward mobile app makes it an excellent option for beginners. However, the platform has had some problems in the past and has gone through some lawsuits. The platform has paid what it owes and keeps improving its services to satisfy its customers.

How to open an account at Robinhood Investing?

Opening a brokerage account has some standard requirements, no matter which broker you choose. This is because your account is subject to tax charges, and all transactions made must be reported to the Government. To understand how it works and the eligibility requirements to open your Robinhood account, stay on this website by reading the following content after this Robinhood Investing review.

robinhood investing app

How to start investing with Robinhood Investing?

Need a little help to start investing? Take a look at Robinhood Investing features to see if it suit your needs. It has no fees and no comissions.

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