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No annual fee and a long intro APR period of up to 21 months

The Wells Fargo Reflect® Card: Pay off your debts quickly and easily!


The Wells Fargo Reflect® Card is worth considering if you are looking for a good option for paying off debts quickly and easily without worrying about high-interest rates kicking in or annual fees adding onto what may already be an overwhelming monthly payment amount. With its long intro APR period and no annual fee, this card is one of the best options out there – All in all, this card is well worth considering when looking at ways to pay off debt responsibly and quickly. Great, isn’t it?

Are you reading to apply for this card? Unlock the potential of The Wells Fargo Reflect® Card and reap these four amazing benefits:

No annual fee: The Wells Fargo Reflect® Card comes with no annual fees, so that you can keep your hard-earned money;
Extended APR offer: Take advantage of an extended APR offer and avoid costly finance charges;
Cell phone protection: If your cell phone is ever lost, stolen, or damaged, you're covered with up to $600 protection per claim;
Easy application process: Apply for the card in minutes and get on your way to enjoy its benefits.

Illuminate your financial journey with the Wells Fargo Reflect® Credit Card, a beacon of balance and budgeting. Curated with modern consumers in mind, this card intertwines convenience with commendable features.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Extended Intro APR: Experience an extended introductory period with a 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers, offering breathing room for major purchases or debt consolidation.
  • Cell Phone Protection: Enjoy peace of mind with up to $600 protection on your cell phone against covered damage or theft when you pay your monthly bill with the Reflect® Card.
  • Flexible Payment Dates: Customize your payment schedule, allowing you to align due dates with paydays or other monthly expenses.
  • No Penalty APR: Miss a payment? While late fees apply, you won’t be subjected to a penalty APR, safeguarding your interest rates.
  • Robust Security Features: With 24/7 fraud monitoring, chip technology, and zero liability protection, your card’s security is prioritized.
  • Access to Wells Fargo Online: Easily manage your account, set up alerts, and track your spending with the Wells Fargo Online platform.

Limitations to Consider 

  • Balance Transfer Fee: Though there’s an introductory APR for balance transfers, a balance transfer fee does apply, which can add to the overall cost.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: International travelers might be disheartened by the foreign transaction fees, making overseas spending pricier.
  • No Rewards Program: Despite its many features, the card lacks a rewards program, which means no earning potential on purchases.
  • High Regular APR: After the introductory period, the regular APR can be on the higher side based on your creditworthiness, impacting those who carry balances.

Overall, the Wells Fargo Reflect® Credit Card beams with features that cater to a wide array of financial needs, from its extended introductory APR to robust security measures.

While its lack of a rewards program and foreign transaction fees might dim its shine for some, its primary offerings can be incredibly valuable for the right cardholder.

If you’re after simplicity combined with some standout features, this card could be a luminous addition to your wallet.

When you submit a credit card application, you can request a balance transfer, which will allow you to move your balances from other cards onto the Wells Fargo Reflect Card, but it’s subject to approval.

The intro offer for the Wells Fargo Reflect® Card is 0% APR for 18 months. However, you can extend it for three more months if you make at least one one-time payment during the intro period.

No, you cannot apply for a Wells Fargo Reflect® Card if you have a bad credit score. The Wells Fargo Reflect® Card is a credit card that is designed for people who have good or excellent credit.

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Wells Fargo Reflect® Card application

Want to get the Wells Fargo Reflect® Card? Our post has all you need to apply easily – don't miss it! Enjoy 0% intro APR for up to 21 months!

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