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Read on to learn about a card that can boost your score and give you perks!

Total Visa® Card, a good option to improve your score!


The Total Visa® Card is ideal for boosting your credit score. With no need for a secured deposit, you can apply quickly and online right now. Enjoy all the benefits of a credit limit, better conditions for your purchases, and daily expenses with more financial control.


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Wouldn't it be great to have a Total Visa® Credit Card? With this card, you'll enjoy many advantages other cards can't offer. Check out the four main perks!

No secured deposit is required;
Online and fast application;
No credit history check;
Approval in a few minutes.

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The Total Visa® Card is a financial companion designed to weave your path through the intricate tapestry of credit rebuilding.

Navigating the labyrinth of credit improvement becomes a tad simpler with a tool that not only grants purchasing power but also extends a gentle hand towards enhancing your credit score.

Let’s delve into a meticulous breakdown of the benefits and caveats this card encapsulates.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Credit Rebuilding Assistance: Reporting to all three major credit bureaus, this card aids in gradually elevating your credit stature with diligent use and payment.
  • Cash Back Perk: A rare find in the credit-rebuilding arena; enjoy a 1% cash back on your card payments, injecting a dose of reward into your responsible financial behavior.
  • All-Credit Welcome: Inclusive of diverse credit histories, it offers a sanctuary for those rebounding from credit challenges.
  • Manageable Credit Line: The $300 credit line, while seemingly modest, serves to assist in managing utilization and avoiding overwhelming debt.
  • Online Accessibility: Manage your account effortlessly with an intuitive online platform, providing a seamless user experience and easy account oversight.

Limitations to Consider

  • Layered Fees: Navigate through a spectrum of fees, including annual, maintenance, and a one-time program fee, demanding meticulous budgeting and awareness.
  • High APR: With a lofty APR, carrying a balance month-to-month can rapidly inflate your owed amounts.
  • Limited Initial Credit: While assisting in management, the $300 line also restricts purchasing capabilities to a minimal range.
  • Restrictive Reward Structure: The cash back, albeit a perk, is restricted to card payments as opposed to purchases, limiting reward accrual opportunities.
  • Limited Perks: Aside from credit building and minimal cash back, it lacks a broader range of benefits or perks often found in alternative cards.

Navigating through the Total Visa® Card’s offering provides a pathway embedded with opportunities and pitfalls alike.

While assisting in the often complex journey of credit restoration, and sprinkling in a minor cash back reward, it demands an astute and vigilant financial navigator to steer through its extensive fee structure and restrictive terms.

A potential tool in the arsenal of those dedicated to rebuilding and enhancing their financial standing, this card asks for a calculated and mindful application.

You can get many perks when using the Total Visa® credit card. For example, you can choose your card design and make manageable monthly payments depending on your situation. Also, they will send your monthly payment reports to all the major credit bureaus, allowing you to build credit if you use your card responsibly!

Yes! You can easily apply for the Total Visa® credit card online! You’ll only need to provide your information and get a quick response from them. Plus, you don’t need a high credit score to have more chances to qualify!

Yes! If you get approved to use the Total Visa® credit card, you’ll be able to use their mobile app to find easy ways to manage your account from wherever you are! Also, you can use the app to make payments, check your credit, and even check your credit score for free with the tool powered by TransUnion!

Total Visa® Credit Card

Application for the Total Visa® Card

Learn how to apply for the Total Visa® credit card and get your credit history restored. It is a good solution if you want to rebuild your credit!

Are you not so sure about getting the Total Visa® credit card? If not, we can help you learn more about the Reflex® Platinum Mastercard®!

With this card, you’ll be able to enjoy Mastercard® benefits and still rebuild or build your credit! So, read our post below to learn how to apply for this great card!

Reflex Mastercard credit card

Application for the Reflex® Platinum Mastercard®

Applying to the Reflex® Platinum Mastercard® card is easy and can be done online. Check out this article and learn how to do so in a quick step-by-step guide!

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