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Scotiabank Preferred Package: Free interac e-transfers and rewards on purchases


The Scotiabank Preferred Package account is the perfect chequing account for people looking to waive maintenance fees. You can waive its monthly fee keeping a minimum balance, and interac e-transfers are 100% free of charge. Not to mention it offers an excellent rewards program with no spending ceiling!

Check out some of the benefits you get from owning a Scotiabank Preferred Package account.

No interac e-transfer fees;
Waivable monthly fee;
Unlimited debit transactions;
Earn rewards on purchases.

Unveiling a banking experience tailored for those who seek more than just a place to store money: the Scotiabank Preferred Package.

With a blend of personalized services, exclusive perks, and streamlined banking processes, this package elevates everyday banking to the realms of luxury and convenience.

Let’s unravel its offerings, highlighting both its allure and aspects to ponder upon.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Bonus Signup Offer: Dive into your banking experience with a hearty welcome. New account holders can often avail of a monetary bonus or other promotions when they meet the initial requirements, making the start truly rewarding.
  • Unlimited Debit Transactions: Forget counting transactions. With the Preferred Package, you get unlimited debit transactions, paving the way for frictionless banking without the worry of hidden fees or charges.
  • Complimentary Drafts and Money Orders: When you require drafts or money orders, this package ensures you get them without added fees – an exceptional perk for those dealing in larger financial transactions.
  • Access to Special Rates: Savings get a boost with exclusive interest rates on select Scotiabank savings accounts, ensuring your money grows more robustly.
  • Waived Credit Card Annual Fee: Enhance your credit experience. The package might offer a waiver on the annual fee for eligible Scotiabank credit cards, adding to your suite of financial tools without the extra cost.

Limitations to Consider

  • Monthly Fee: While packed with features, this package doesn’t come free. There’s a monthly fee, although it can be waived under specific conditions like maintaining a minimum balance.
  • Balance Requirement: To enjoy fee waivers and certain benefits, a significant minimum balance may need to be maintained, which might not be feasible for everyone.
  • Limited Global Accessibility: While Scotiabank has a robust presence in several countries, the Preferred Package might not provide optimal benefits everywhere, potentially causing hiccups for global travelers or those relocating.
  • Potential for Overbanking: With so many features, there’s the risk of not utilizing them all. Users might end up paying for benefits they don’t necessarily need or use.

Concluding, the Scotiabank Preferred Package is a testament to what modern banking can offer — a concoction of convenience, exclusivity, and financial tools designed to amplify the banking experience.

While it’s brimming with features, potential subscribers should assess their banking habits and needs to ensure they extract maximum value from this comprehensive package.

Yes! You’ll be able to use your Scotiabank Preferred Package account as a checking account to keep and manage your money anywhere with your other products, such as a Scotiabank credit card and more!

The Preferred Package from Scotiabank consists of the bank’s most popular services and is tailored to the routine banking requirements of its clients. Subscribers to the Preferred Package are eligible for discounts and even freebies on a number of value-added services.

With the Scotiabank Preferred Package account, you can send up to $25,000* instantly and securely with each e-Transfer, all without revealing your bank details to the receiver. When you enroll in Autodeposit, payments will be sent on a predetermined schedule directly into the bank account of your choice.

Scotiabank mobile

Apply for the Scotiabank Preferred Package account

In this article we are going to walk you through the application process for the Scotiabank Preferred Package account. Keep reading if you want to learn more!

Are you not so sure about opening a Scotiabank Preferred Package account? If that’s the case, you can try applying for a Capital One Bank account! With this account, you’ll be able to get an incredible Capital One Bank card and other perks!

Therefore, read our post below to learn more about this account and see how to open yours!

Capital One logo

Application for the Capital One Bank

With your Capital One card, you have access to all your funds, while they earn high interest without being locked up. See how to open your account!

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