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Read on to learn about an account with unlimited transactions and a welcome bonus!

Sable bank account: an all-in-one account with rewards!


Sable bank will change your idea of a bank. With your Sable bank account, you will have access to a checking and savings account simultaneously. Solve all your questions through an efficient mobile app, and don’t pay anything for it depending on your finances! Request to open your account. It only takes 5 minutes.


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The Sable bank account has many benefits and special perks for its users. So, read some of them below!

You can waive the monhtly fee;
Modern and efficient mobile app;
Track your credit score for free;
Virtual debit card.

You will remain in the same website

Discover financial comfort with the Sable bank account, crafted to revolutionize your banking experience.

Whether you’re starting fresh in the U.S. or simply seeking an efficient banking partner, Sable provides a seamless, user-friendly platform for managing your money without the typical banking hassle.

Below, we delve into the specifics of what makes Sable shine and where it may fall short.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • No SSN Required for Account Opening: Sable uniquely caters to internationals, allowing the opening of an account without a Social Security Number (SSN), significantly simplifying the process for newcomers to the U.S.
  • Robust Mobile Banking: Enjoy the freedom of handling your financial transactions on the go with Sable’s comprehensive mobile app.
  • Competitive Fees: Say goodbye to hidden costs and enjoy a banking experience with low fees. Sable prides itself on transparency, which means you can expect no account maintenance fees and no minimum balance requirements.
  • Quick Account Setup: The digital-first approach means you can set up your account in a matter of minutes, a far cry from the lengthy procedures of traditional banks.
  • FDIC Insured: Your money is secure with Sable, as funds are FDIC insured up to $250,000, providing the same level of security that traditional banks offer.
  • Visa Debit Card: The account comes with a Visa debit card accepted worldwide, adding convenience for travelers and providing a seamless shopping experience both online and in physical stores.

Limitations to Consider

  • Limited Physical Presence: If you prefer in-person banking services, Sable might not be for you. With no physical branches, all transactions and customer service inquiries are handled online.
  • No Interest on Savings: The Sable bank account doesn’t offer interest on deposited funds, which might deter those looking to grow their savings over time.
  • Dependence on Mobile Access: While a strong mobile platform is convenient, it also means that banking with Sable requires constant, reliable internet access—something not always available.
  • Customer Service Limitations: Some users have noted that resolving more complex issues might require patience, given the absence of face-to-face interaction and potential time zone challenges.
  • Compatibility Issues: Occasionally, users might face compatibility problems with certain U.S. payment systems or services, which can be limiting for those who use various financial platforms.

The Sable bank account stands out as a commendable option for those who embrace digital banking, particularly internationals starting their journey in the U.S.

While its tech-driven approach simplifies many traditional banking pain points, potential users should consider their comfort with an entirely online platform and evaluate their needs for physical banking services.

Overall, Sable is a modern solution for a world on the move, blending convenience and innovation.

Your Sable account and cards are completely protected. To the tune of $250,000, the FDIC protects your deposits in these accounts at Coastal Community Bank. Also, you can get the perks and benefits while paying a relatively low monthly fee!

With the Sable Bank Account, depending on your monthly balance, you can waive the monthly fee or pay a low fee of $16.95 per month. Moreover, you’ll be able to make unlimited transactions and earn an incredible welcome bonus is you’re a new account client!

You can’t directly earn rewards when using the Sable Bank Account. However, you’ll be able to sign up for the Scene+ program and earn 1 Scene+ point for each $5 you spend on everyday purchases and 1 Scene+ point for each dollar you spend at Cineplex (terms apply)!

sable bank account

How to apply for the Sable bank account easily

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