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Sallie Mae Student Loan application: applying is fast and the result comes out quickly.

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How to apply for this loan? Source: The Mad Capitalist.

After analyzing the student loan market you have decided that you want to apply for the Sallie Mae Student Loan. Before pulling the trigger it’s important to know what you should expect in the application process. Either a borrower or a cosigner can start the application.


Student Loan

Sallie Mae Student Loan

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Part-time student? Noncitizen? You can get your loan too!

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On Sallie Mae’s loan page, select whether you’re a student or a cosigner. Now the website will reveal a few questions which you should answer truthfully. The website will then inform you of which kind of loan they offer in your specific case. If you are in agreement, hit continue.

Now you must enter your basic information such as your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, citizenship status and Social Security number. Once you’ve entered those, hit continue. Now enter your home address and hit continue one more time.

Now select the degree or certificate of study you are applying to, your major or specialty, enrollment status and grade level. Then click to continue. After that, the website will ask you to specify the amount you wish to borrow and for how long. On this same page you must inform Sallie Mae of other expenses you may need funding for and also the financial aid provided by your school. 

Once you click to continue, the website will reveal the total amount of the loan request. Hit continue once again. Then, enter your cosigner information. If your cosigner is not with you during the application process, Sallie Mae will email you a code you should send to your cosigner form him or her to access the application and finish it up.

The website will show you an Electronic Delivery Consent. Click to agree. Then, on the Application Solicitation Disclosure page, click to continue. Finally, on the next page hit submit and you’re on your way to getting your loan.

Now Sallie Mae will review your credit and may even ask you for some additional information or documentation before they reach a decision. If they approve you, you will then choose your interest rate and repayment option. Once you or your cosigner have accepted the terms of the loan and signed it electronically, they will verify the information with your school. If everything is good, you got your loan.

Sallie Mae Student Loan vs. Discover Student Loan: which is the best? 

Which student loan is the best for you? Source: Pexels

Now you know how to apply for a Sallie Mae Student Loan. However, if the Sallie Mae Student Loan is not yet what you’re looking for, or you would like to see other options for comparison, here is one worth looking into.

Sallie Mae Student LoanDiscover Student Loan
APRVariable starting at 1.37% up to 11.48%Not disclosed
Loan PurposeStudent LoanStudent Loan
Loan AmountsUp to cost of attendanceUp to cost of attendance
Credit NeededNot disclosedNot disclosed
Terms5 to 15 years15 to 20 years
Origination FeeN/AN/A
Late Fee5% ($25 max)N/A
Early Payoff PenaltyN/AN/A
Discover logo

Applying for the Discover Student Loan

Learn how to apply for the Discover Student Loan and get approved today!

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