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Qualify for a lender credit of up to $2,500 to put toward closing costs!

PenFed Mortgage: Loans of all types with minimum down payment of 0% to 3,5%!


PenFed Mortgage is great for homebuyers seeking reliable, low-cost mortgage loans. With a 0%-3,5% down payment, PenFed offers broad home loan types, such as conventional and Jumbo loans. It has exclusive benefits for military service members and veterans, including reduced costs and special financing options. Plus, with competitive rates and customer support 24/7, this can be the place to start your home dream!


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PenFed Mortgage makes getting a low-cost home loan easy – competitive rates and friendly support day or night. Find out the perks of purchasing or refinancing your home with them!

Wide variety of mortgage products, including government-backed and Jumbo loans;
Competitive rates across the board;
Lender credit of up to $2,500;
Available in all 50 states.

You will remain in the same website

Embark on a journey towards home ownership with the security and support of PenFed Mortgage!

Distinguished by its member-centric ethos and tailored mortgage solutions, PenFed Credit Union paves the path for you to plant your roots and establish your home.

With PenFed by your side, experience a harmonious blend of reliability, flexibility, and commitment as you take confident strides towards securing the sanctuary you’ve always envisioned!

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Diverse Loan Options: Whether you’re a first-time buyer or refinancing, PenFed offers a plethora of mortgage options to suit diverse needs, including fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, VA, and jumbo loans.
  • Competitive Rates: Dive into the market with some of the most competitive interest rates, ensuring your journey towards home ownership is financially sound and sustainable.
  • Member Benefits: As a credit union, PenFed extends exclusive benefits to its members, enhancing the overall mortgage experience through lower fees and personalized service.
  • Online Resources: Navigate your mortgage journey with ease using PenFed’s comprehensive online tools, resources, and calculators, designed to empower you with knowledge.
  • National Availability: PenFed’s services span across the nation, ensuring you have access to quality mortgage solutions, regardless of your geographical location.

Limitations to Consider

  • Membership Required: Access to PenFed Mortgage services necessitates credit union membership, which might be a hurdle for some potential borrowers.
  • Limited Physical Branches: While available nationally, PenFed has a limited number of physical branches, potentially affecting those who prefer in-person interactions.
  • Underwriting Process: Some applicants might find the underwriting process to be meticulous and time-consuming, depending on individual financial circumstances.
  • Customer Service Variability: While many experience excellent service, there have been instances of variability in customer service responsiveness and resolution.

PenFed Mortgage stands as a steadfast companion for prospective homeowners, offering a diverse array of mortgage solutions complemented by competitive rates and member benefits.

While considerations such as mandatory membership and limited physical presence require reflection, the comprehensive support and national availability position PenFed as a reliable choice for many.

PenFed Mortgage has a variety of home loans to help you achieve your home purchase or refinance. They provide the following: VA loans, Conventional loans, FHAs, Jumbos, HELOCs, Fixed, Adjustable, Purchase, and Finance. So you’ll surely find the perfect home loan for your needs!

PenFed is available in all 50 U.S. states and provides affordable mortgage options for its customers! And when it comes to down payments, it is no different! The down payment for a PenFed Mortgage is variable according to the loan type. Most of their Mortgage down payments will range from 0% – 3.5%.

This credit union’s mortgages have different terms, depending on your loan type, and other requirements, such as credit score, APR, and other factors. However, their mortgages typically go up to 30 years. Plus, you can count on flexible rates and conditions! So don’t wait any longer! Make your homeownership dream come true!

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Learn to apply easily for the PenFed Mortgage

How to apply for PenFed mortgages? Follow these 5 steps! Choose from a variety of loan products! Enjoy closing-cost credits!

If you are looking for a product with clear rates and fees on their website, we recommend SoFi Mortgage. It is an online mortgage for people who have good credit and at least $100K in real estate to back it up.

With fixed rates easily accessed on their website and fast funding in as little as 28 days. Are you ready to learn more about how SoFi can help your dream home become a reality? Check out our post below.

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How to apply for SoFi Mortgage

Do you want to apply for a mortgage with SoFi mortgage? Read on to a complete guideline that covers all you need to know.

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