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This account comes with a premium savings account and allows customers to add four other family members to enjoy its benefits!

HSBC Premier Checking: Avoid foreign fees, and make the most out of your travels!


If you keep a balance of $75,000 and are looking for a checking account to make your trips more affordable, then the HSBC Premier Checking Account could be an interesting option for your finances. With perks like worldwide surcharge-free ATM access, no foreign transaction fees on preferential mortgage rates, and complimentary savings accounts, plenty of features make this account worth considering in depth.

Find out other amazing benefits of having an HSBC Premier Checking account.

No foreign transaction fees on purchases and cash withdrawals abroad: Save money when banking or spending internationally;
Fee-free use of HSBC's Global ATMs worldwide: Access your money without paying extra;
Enjoy preferential rates on home loans;
Free global transfers: Send money to friends and family in over 200 countries around the world.

The APY for the HSBC Premier Checking account is 0,01%. It means that if you deposit $1,000 in your account, you will earn a total of $1 in interest over the course of a year.

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HSBC Premier Checking application

Find out how to apply for the HSBC Premier Checking in less than five minutes. Enjoy free ATMs and more. Read on!

Isn't HSBC Premier Checking affordable for your needs? Then we suggest you have a look at the U.S Bank Smartly™ Checking. It provides users with abundant quality features that make it a go-to option.

From joinable accounts perfect for couples who want to share their finances in tandem to military and age-based discounts on monthly fees. Check out our post below to learn how to apply for it.

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U.S. Bank Smartly™ Checking application

Looking to apply for U.S. Bank Smartly™ Checking? Let us guide you through the process and make banking easier than ever before.

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