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Read on to learn about a student card that builds your credit and gives you cashback!

Discover It® Student Chrome: get cashback with no annual fee!


Do you need a credit card to help you build a credit score? The Discover It® Student Chrome is the perfect option for you if you’re a student. It has no annual fee and 0% Intro APR for six months. Also, you’ll get cashback every time you use it, and in the first year, Discover will double all the cash back you’ve made in the first year. This card is outstanding!


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If you're a student, worry only about your grades, while the Discover It® Student Chrome will help you with these benefits:

Exclusive for students;
2% cashback on gas stations and restaurants;
1% cashback in every purchase;
No annual fee.

You will remain in the same website

Navigate student life while building a brighter financial future with the Discover It® Student Chrome Card, a companion designed for students seeking to balance academics, life, and responsible spending.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Cashback on Everyday Purchases: Earn cash back as you shop for essentials, perfect for students budgeting their expenses.
  • Good Grades Reward: Academic achievements aren’t just for your resume; they can also earn you rewards, celebrating your hard work in school.
  • No Annual Fee: Save more with no yearly charges, keeping money in your pocket for student necessities.
  • Free FICO® Credit Score: Keep an eye on your credit score growth, crucial for future financial ventures like renting an apartment or getting a car loan.
  • Flexible Redemption Options: Cashback never expires and can be redeemed at any time and in any amount, adding flexibility.
  • U.S.-based Customer Service: Get the help you need when you need it, thanks to accessible and friendly customer support.

Limitations to Consider

  • Moderate Interest Rates: Be mindful of the APR; delaying payments could lead to significant interest charges, impacting your budget.
  • Limited High-Value Rewards: While earning cashback is simple, it doesn’t offer the high returns on larger categories found in some competitive cards.
  • Credit Building Needed: For those new to credit, initial limits may be low, requiring responsible use over time to increase spending power.

The Discover It® Student Chrome Card positions students for financial success, blending everyday benefits with educational rewards.

While it’s a financial study buddy, watch out for fees and interest that require smart spending habits.

This card isn’t just for today’s expenses; it’s a step toward your financial independence.

You can get incredible rewards using the Discover It® Student Chrome Credit Card, such as up to 2% cashback on eligible purchases and up to 1% cash back on any other student-related purchases! Plus, Discover will match all your cashback earned at the end of your first year!

You don’t need to have a high score to get the Discover It® Student Chrome Credit Card! As a student, you’ll be able to qualify for this card even with a low credit score or no credit score! This way, you can use this card to build a credit score while earning rewards!

Applying for the Discover It® Student Chrome Credit Card is a great option for students wishing to build or repair their credit. It provides all the features you may need, has no extra fees, and even gives you money back on your purchases!

Discover It Student Chrome

Apply for the Discover It® Student Chrome Card!

Wondering if the Discover it Student Chrome card is right for you? This article covers everything from how the application process works. Learn how to apply now!

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