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Application for the HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® card: how does it work?

The HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® card is a good option. It will give you benefits and won't charge any fees. But can you have one? Please, keep reading to find out.


by Julia Bermudez

03/26/2022 | Updated on 09/14/2022

HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® Card: no annual fee to make your cashback worth even more

HSBC cash rewards mastercard credit card
Get your HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® card to enjoy its benefits. Source: The Mad Capitalist.

If you’re looking for a credit card with uncomplicated rewards, the HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® card might be a good fit for you. Here’s how it works: when you use your HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® card to make purchases, you’ll earn 1.5% cashback on every purchase. And to get even better, HSBC Cash Rewards doubles your cashback earning rate in the first year, making it 3% in every purchase.

There’s no limit to the amount of cashback you can earn, and your rewards will never expire. Plus, there are no annual fees or foreign transaction fees. So if you’re looking for a simple way to earn some extra cashback on your everyday spending, the HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® card could be a great option.


Credit Card

HSBC Cash Rewards

Mastercard® No fees

Get cashback and pay $0 annual fee for it.

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Apply online

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Can you apply online for the HSBC Cash Rewards? Source: Freepik.

HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® card is a good credit card for everyday use. Unfortunately, HSBC is no longer accepting applications for new cardholders of this card. Probably, HSBC will probably update its cards and give you a new version of it, or a similar option.

Apply using the app

There is no way to apply for this card using the app. You’ll get an app to manage your account once you’re a cardholder.

HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® credit card vs. Capital One Venture Rewards credit card

We like to compare the cards to help you decide if it is a good portion. The HSBC Cash Rewards card will serve as a travel card, as it has no foreign transaction fees. However, if you’d like a more robust card to take with you on your next trip, take a look at the Capital One Venture Rewards card. Capital One has some great credit card options, and this has excellent benefits. It has an annual fee, but also more benefits. The welcome bonus is generous and will be worth the costs.

HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® cardCapital One Venture Rewards card
Credit ScoreGood/ExcellentExcellent
Annual Fee$0$95
Regular APR12.99% – 22.99%, Variable 15.99%, 20.99%, or 23.99% (based on creditworthiness)
Welcome bonusIn the first year, you’ll get 3% instead of 1.5% cashback on all your purchases. 60,000 bonus miles after spending $3,000 on the first 3 months
Rewards1.5% cashback on every purchase. 2 miles per dollar on every purchase
5 miles per dollar on car rentals and hotels*

*Terms apply

If you need a credit card to use every day and get rewards, the Capital One Venture Rewards is a great option. It’s easy to apply, and you can make it in minutes. If you need any help on this, we have an article about the application process. Just check the following content to apply for your new credit card.

capital one venture rewards credit card

How to get the Capital One Venture Rewards card?

The Capital One Venture Rewards card could be a good option for you. It offers miles that can be used for travel rewards, and it's easy to use. See how to apply!

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