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Application for the Luxury Black card: how does it work?

The Luxury Black credit card will give you many benefits to enjoy your trips like a VIP. So, please read this article to learn the steps to apply for it and get your Black metal card.


Luxury Black Card: a premium travel credit card to take with you on your best trips

luxury black credit card
The luxury starts in the card’s design and patented technology, making it a robust metal card. Source: The Mad Capitalist.

The Luxury Black credit card is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware and has a Mastercard signature. It promises an ultra-premium experience for its cardholders, with a 24/7 Concierge Service to assist you in your travels. With $500 in statement credits to use in thousands of hotels and resorts worldwide, you’ll get to enjoy the best things of life. Get reward points in every purchase, and redeem them as cash back to book your next travel.

It has a high annual fee, and you’ll be welcome with a 0% intro APR. Luxury Card made a big investment in the card’s design, with a 22g metal card with black-PVD-coated stainless steel in the front and carbon in the back.

Learn how to apply and get your Luxury Black credit card.


Credit Card

Luxury Black

Mastercard Cashback

No foreign fees and credits on the best hotels.

You will be redirected to another website

Apply online

It’s easy to apply for this card. Go to the Luxury Card website, and admire its beautiful design. Then, search for the Luxury Black among the credit cards options. You’ll find all the information about it, the benefits, and costs.

Once you decide it is the best option for you, hit the “apply now” button. It will redirect you to the application form. Fill every field carefully, and agree with the terms and conditions, stating that you’re aware of the $495 annual fee.

Send the form, and you’ll get a response immediately. You’ll receive an e-mail to complete the process if you get approved.

Apply using the app

To get your golden card you need to apply on their website. When you become a cardholder, you’ll have an app to manage your account.

Luxury Black credit card vs. Luxury Gold credit card

woman at hotel
Apply for your Luxury Black credit card to enjoy premium features on the best hotels. Source: Freepiks.

You have two options for premium travel credit cards for you to choose from the Luxury Card company. The Luxury Black card that we’re talking about in this article, and the Luxury Gold credit card. Both have similar benefits, but the Gold one has a higher annual fee and more value rate for cashback redemption. Also, the Gold offers more credits to travel. Take a look at them side by side:

Luxury Black cardLuxury Gold
Credit ScoreGood/ExcellentExcellent
Annual Fee $495 $995
Regular APR0% Intro APR for 15 months. After that, 14.99%, Variable 14.99% variable APR (0% Intro APR for 15 months)
Welcome bonus No welcome bonus. No welcome bonus.
Rewards1x point per dollar; 2% value for airfare redemptions; 1,5% value for cashback redemption. 1x point per dollar in every purchase with 2% cashback redemption rate.

You can decide to apply for the Gold card instead of the Black card. We have an article about the application for the Luxury Gold credit card. Just stay with us by clicking on the following link.

luxury gold credit card

How do you get the Luxury Gold credit card?

Your wallet will get heavier with the Luxury Gold card. Take it to your best trips. Learn how to apply for this golden credit card.

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