How to buy cheap WestJet flights

Find out how to buy cheap WestJet flights on their website so that you can travel more and spend less! Night flights from $49.99! Read on!


WestJet: Find the best deals with these hints!

Westjet website
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WestJet is a budget-friendly airline that flies to destinations all over the world. Traveling to the Caribbean for a beach getaway or a business trip? Buy WestJet cheap flights!




Low Fares Online

Overnight flights from $49.99!

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Where do you find low tickets? Here are some hints and tricks for how to get the best deals on WestJet. Read on!

Step by step to buy cheap WestJet tickets

WestJet is a low-cost Canadian airline located in Calgary. They are known for cheap flights to Canada, the U.S., Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

There are some hints to get their best deals online. Here is how to track and buy cheap WestJet flights.

1. Look for Low Fare Finder

The first hint in finding the cheapest WestJet tickets is to visit their website and utilize their “Low Fare Finder.”

This tool allows you to see the scheduled flights for many destinations in America and Europe.

Scheduled flights are cheaper than last-minute ones, allowing airlines like WestJet to plan ahead more efficiently.

For example, you can find round-trip options for as low as $49.99. 

As a result, the airline can offer lower fares for those who book scheduled flights in advance because they know exactly how many passengers will be on board.

2. Set price alerts

Toronto Canada, March 17, 2021; The cockpit and nose of a Westje
Step by step to buy cheap WestJet tickets. Source: Adobe Stock

Secondly, you can set price alerts when booking tickets on Westjet’s website or Google flights.

You’ll then receive an email notification if the ticket prices change, so you can take advantage of lower fares and save money in the long run.

3. Sign up for Westjet Rewards

Thirdly, Westjet Rewards will give you exclusive discounts, offers, and points for future tickets or upgrades.

If you often fly with them, this might be good.

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4. Book early

The earlier you book your ticket, the cheaper it will be.

Last-minute deals may seem appealing at first, but they usually come with higher prices attached than those booked weeks in advance.

5. Fly during off-peak times

Finally, fly during off-peak times (like midweek instead of Friday/Saturday) for lower prices.

Instead of waiting until the end of the week to book, get a great rate by scheduling for midweek.

You’ll be surprised how much you can save by choosing different days to fly on!

Plus, weekday airfares tend to be cheaper than weekend ones.

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