The 3 best low-risk and safe investments

You don't have to take big risks to invest your money if you don't want to. You have good options with these best low-risk investments. This article will show you some of them.


Invest safe and with low risk: the best way to start with confidence

The 3 best low-risk and safe investments. Source: Adobe Stock.

Not everyone is willing to risk their money, so we made this list with the best low-risk investments. We have that Hollywood idea of the bold investor who goes all-in, everyone around shakes with the audacity, and he wins everything. Well, in reality, there is nothing romantic about risking it all and losing all your money. Which is why it’s important to know and understand the importance of safe investments.

Some people work hard to save enough money to invest and don’t want to see their wallets going down below zero. If you can’t take that risk or don’t want to, it’s ok. There are many options for low-risk investments that will keep your money safe from devaluating and will still give you some earnings.

This article will tell more about the best low-risk investments, their pros and cons, and how to choose the best for you.

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A small glossary of investment terms: a guide for

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What is your risk tolerance?

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Know your risk tolerance before investing. Source: Adobe Stock.

Investments are now a popular subject among educated people. More people want to learn how to invest money and make it grow. But one thing that seems scary is the notion that investments are too risky.

We grew up listening that your money should be kept safe in a savings account. But, as you already know, that’s not true. First, there are many types of investment funds in which you can put your money that has low risk or no risk at all. Secondly, you can measure your risk tolerance. Do you know what your risk tolerance is?

Risk tolerance is an investment term to determine how much risk you’re willing to take. Many aspects will influence this rate, such as your economic and psychological state.

If your savings are crucial for you and your family, you’re probably less likely to take significant risks and will prefer safe investments. Also, if you can’t take the pressure, you’re better with a low-risk investment. Some assets like stocks or cryptocurrencies can fluctuate a lot during the day, and you need cold blood to deal with the trading market.

If that’s not your case, don’t worry. We’ll show you some safe options.

Learn the 3 safest investments: get the highest return and lowest risk!

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Learn the best low-risk investments. Source: Adobe Stock.

There are many types of investments with many levels of risk. There is a concept that says: the higher the risk, the higher the earnings – and vice-versa. So, usually, investment with lowers risks will give you a lower return, but that’s not a strict rule. You can get a stable and considerable return with safe investments.

Some investments have absolutely no risk, which means you may not earn much, but you’ll never lose your initial investment. This scenario is ideal for those who are unwilling to take risks and just want to keep their money safe. Others have low risk, which means you can have a small loss but are very unlikely to lose a significant amount that would hurt your finances. But remember that your investment is always at risk of devaluing if inflation rises by decreasing your purchasing power.

Some investments are not necessarily riskier but require an experienced and active investor to manage them. The safer investments are more of a place-it-and-leave-it style or have a financial company working it for you.

We selected three investments with low risks to present to you. They do not have the highest returns among investments but have a good ratio between risks and potential earnings.

1) Money Market Funds

With the effervescent investments market growing, new types of investment will keep coming. Money Market Funds (MMFs) work like Mutual Funds and have low risk with high liquidity. That’s excellent, as one of the main problems with low-risk investment is losing liquidity and getting your money stuck in that investment.

MMFs are FDIC insured, and their high liquidity comes from short-term debt securities. These securities mature in less than a year, sometimes in three or two months. So, they’re frequently maturing and being replaced by other securities. They give small payments with interest, but as they’re frequent you can get a good return on this investment.

2) High-yield Savings Accounts

The savings accounts have evolved. The grown-up version of them is the High-yield Savings Account. They are completely safe, and you will never lose your initial investment.

Well, technically it’s not an investment, but will keep your money safe and will give you some return. If you’re looking for a better way to keep your savings, High-yield Savings Accounts are way better than the regular ones.

According to FDIC, you can get a return that is 20 to 25 higher. So, even if it’s not that great it is still a better way to keep your money safe. Also, your money stays available for you to withdraw if you need to.

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3) Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are very popular and one of the most traditional types of investment. How does it work: the bank will sell you the CD with a specific agreement. You agree to keep the money there for a certain period, and the bank guarantee to give it back to you with interest. It’s simple, and you have no risk of losing your investment and will indeed have a return.

The downside of this popularity is that you have tons of different options to search for. Almost every bank or financial institution offers its own CDs. It’s up to you to find the most efficient one for you, with the higher interest rates. Pay attention to fees and penalties for early withdrawals.

What do you think of these best low-risk investments? Did some of these catch your attention? If you’re a beginner in investments, you can use a few more tips. We have a full article about the best investment funds for you to start investing your money. Make your money grow!

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