Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP): for low-income families

The Affordable Connectivity Program, or ACP, is a government-funded program that provides discounted internet access to low-income families. Read our review of this life-changing program!


Affordable Connectivity: Bridging the Digital Divide to Americans

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This program helps Americans afford internet for work and study. Source: The Mad Capitalist

The term “digital divide” refers to the gap between those who have access to digital technology and those who do not. The Affordable Connectivity Program is working to bridge this gap in the U.S.

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How to apply for Affordable Connectivity Program

Find out if you are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program, and get help with internet costs monthly. Read on!

So, everyone can benefit from the advantages of having access to digital technology. Then, let’s dive deeper into what this program is and how it works. Read on to learn more!

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program?

The Affordable Connectivity Program is an initiative created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to help close the digital divide in America.

Therefore, this program seeks to provide access to broadband internet for low-income households and other underserved communities throughout the country.

And it is only possible by providing discounted internet services and equipment through participating service providers.

How Does it Work? 

As said, the Affordable Connectivity Program works by partnering with internet service providers (ISPs).

These ISPs offer discounted services and/or equipment rates for eligible households that meet certain income requirements.

As a result, to be eligible for these discounts, households must demonstrate financial hardship.

Still, other factors that make it difficult for them to afford a full-priced plan from an ISP provider will also appear as an eligibility aspect.

Each ISP has its criteria for enrolling in its discount programs; some may require applicants to provide proof of income or other documents, while others won’t.

Once enrolled in a discount program through an ISP, customers can sign up for a discounted internet plan. Also, they can choose to receive subsidized equipment such as routers or modems at no additional cost.

What are the benefits included in the ACP?

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Get the scoop about this program that aims to bring connection to low-income families. Source: Pexels

There are multiple benefits of enrolling in the Affordable Connectivity Program, and closing the digital divide. 

For example, having access to broadband internet allows people to stay connected, seek employment opportunities, complete educational courses online, benefit from telemedicine services, and much more.

So, by making these services affordable, more people can take advantage of them and enjoy all of their benefits.

How much discount can I get?

For the Affordable Connectivity Program, most eligible households will receive a discount of up to $30 monthly to be used in internet service.

Tribal Lands eligible households in qualifying areas can have discounts up to $75 monthly.

Still, eligible households can get a maximum of $100 off their purchase when they buy a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from an approved provider.

They just have to contribute anywhere between ten and fifty dollars towards your new device!

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How many devices can receive a discount per household?

With the Affordable Connectivity Program, you can save money on your monthly services and device purchases—each household is eligible for one discount.

How to apply for the program?

Do you need the Affordable Connectivity Program to work or study? So, keep reading to learn step-by-step how to apply. Check out our post as follows.

Affordable Connectivity Program 3

How to apply for Affordable Connectivity Program

Find out if you are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program, and get help with internet costs monthly. Read on!

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