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You can make the best out of your membership at Sam's Club with this card!

Sam's Club® Mastercard®, perfect for Sam’s Club loyalists!


If you’re looking for a credit card that offers great cash back rewards and plenty of other perks, the Sam’s Club® Mastercard® may be just what you’re looking for. This card comes with no annual fee, and you can earn rewards on all your purchases. Plus, you’ll get extra savings at Sam’s Club stores.


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If you’re a Sam’s Club Plus member, here are some of the benefits this card can provide to your daily spending.

$0 annual fee;
5% cash back on eligible purchases;
3% cash back on dining;
1% cash back on all purchases.

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Transform your everyday purchases into a cascade of rewards with the Sam’s Club® Mastercard®, your go-to conduit for turning routine expenses into tangible benefits.

This isn’t just a membership card; it’s your ticket to a world where spending transcends transactions, unlocking a realm of perks and savings.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Impressive Cash Back Rewards: Indulge in the luxury of receiving up to 5% cash back on gas, 3% on dining and travel, and 1% on other purchases, fueling your savings as you fuel your lifestyle.
  • No Annual Fee: Dive into a sea of rewards minus the weight of an annual fee, directing your savings to where they belong—back in your pocket.
  • Diverse Reward Options: From gas to dining, your regular spending habits are now a pathway to varied, substantial rewards, adding a silver lining to every purchase.
  • Protection on Purchases: Shop with an added layer of confidence, thanks to benefits like extended warranty coverage, ensuring your purchases stand the test of time.
  • Exclusive Savings: As a cardholder, enjoy members-only pricing at Sam’s Club, making bulk-buying or everyday shopping more economical and rewarding.
  • Global Usability: Courtesy of Mastercard®, experience worldwide acceptance, perfect for travel, online shopping, or international expenditures.

Limitations to Consider

  • Redemption Restrictions: Cash back rewards are redeemable only once a year, and you must visit a Sam’s Club location to retrieve them, potentially limiting your flexibility.
  • Membership Requirement: The card necessitates an active Sam’s Club membership, meaning if your membership lapses, so do your credit card benefits.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: The added cost on purchases made abroad can put a damper on travel spending, adding an extra budgetary consideration for globetrotters.
  • Late Payment Penalties: On top of potential credit score damage, late payments can attract a steep fee, necessitating timely bill settlements.
  • Limited Extra Perks: Compared to other cards, it offers fewer lifestyle and travel perks, focusing more on cash back on purchases.

The Sam’s Club® Mastercard® is a boon for savvy shoppers, turning a mundane shopping chore into a rewarding journey.

While it demands membership loyalty and attention to payment deadlines, the bounty of cash back benefits sets it apart. This card is more than a shopping aid; it’s a strategic ally in your pursuit of a savvy, cost-effective lifestyle.

If you’re a Sam’s Club member and you need a retail credit card, the Sam’s Club credit card is a wonderful alternative. Those who apply for the Sam’s Club Mastercard Plus will get the most perks.

You’ll accrue cash rewards when you use your Sam’s Club® Mastercard® at any merchant that accepts Mastercard. This card does not need a Sam’s Club membership or charge a separate yearly fee.

If you have a Sam’s Club membership and love to use your card at Sams Club, the Sam’s Club® Mastercard® card can be the perfect choice for your finances! You’ll earn perks as a member and make the most out of your purchases!

Sam’s Club Credit Plus Member Mastercard credit card

How to apply for the Sam's Club® Mastercard®

If you're looking for a credit card that offers great rewards, then the Sam's Club® Mastercard® is a great option. You can earn cash back! Apply now!

If you’re not sure about getting the Sam’s Club® Mastercard®, you can try applying for the HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® card!

With this HSBC credit card, you’ll be able to get incredible perks and cashback for no annual fee! So, read the post below to learn how to apply for this credit card!

HSBC cash rewards mastercard credit card

Application for the HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard®

The HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® card is a good option. It will give you benefits and won't charge any fees. But can you have one? Please, keep reading to find out.

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