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Get 20% off your first $100 within two days of opening your account!

Macy's Credit Card: Shop more for less at your favorite clothing store!


If you love shopping at Macy’s, the Macy’s Credit Card is your ultimate sidekick. Packed with exclusive perks and savings on every purchase, it’s the smart choice for savvy shoppers. Plus, no annual fees, just pure shopping enjoyment, and Amex benefits. Shop smarter with Macy’s Credit Card!


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Macy's Credit Card is not just any ordinary credit card; it's your ticket to a shopping extravaganza in your favorite department store. Here are some key reasons it's the ultimate choice for savvy shoppers!

No Annual Fee: Enjoy all the perks without the burden of an annual fee;
Amex Benefits: Unlock exclusive discounts and gain access to presales and events with your Macy's Credit Card
Welcome Bonus: Get a fabulous 20% off on your purchases as a warm welcome
Earn up to 3% Points Back: Earn up to 3% points back on every purchase, turning your shopping into more savings

You will remain in the same website

Elevate your shopping experience with the Macy’s Credit Card. This card is your ticket to a world of incredible benefits, both in and out of Macy’s stores.

Enjoy exclusive discounts, rewards, and special financing options that make shopping for your favorite brands a delight.

Whether you’re upgrading your wardrobe, furnishing your home, or treating yourself to something special, this card offers flexibility and convenience.

Plus, it extends your purchasing power beyond Macy’s, allowing you to earn rewards and enjoy perks wherever you go.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Earn more rewards: With the Macy’s Credit Card, you’ll earn 3% cash back at restaurants, 2% at gas stations and supermarkets, plus 1% back at everything else.
  • Welcome offer: Earn 25% off when you open your account – up to $100 over two days.
  • Other benefits: Since this is an American Express credit card, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits, including exclusive entertainment access, rewards on travel, dining, and more.
  • No annual fee: You can earn and save with the Macy’s Credit card – its $0 annual fee will help you make your experience even more rewarding.

Limitations to Consider

  • Potential costs: This credit card brings amazing benefits, but it might have some additional costs, such as fees and the potentially high APR.

Indeed, you can elevate your shopping experience with the Macy’s American Express® Card and enjoy a world of exclusive perks.

Not only does this card give you access to Macy’s special savings events and discounts, but it also extends its benefits beyond the store.

Get your Macy’s American Express® Card today and redefine the way you shop.

Yes, you can use Macy’s Credit Card for online purchases! It’s a convenient and secure way to shop from the comfort of your own home. Ensure you enter your credit card information accurately and double-check that all your purchase details are correct before submitting your order.

If your Macy’s Credit Card is lost or stolen, it’s crucial to act quickly. The initial step is to contact Macy’s customer service or American Express, the card provider, to report the loss or theft. They will assist you in canceling the card and providing a replacement. Additionally, keeping a close eye on your account activity is wise to ensure that no unauthorized charges are made.

Certainly! Making payments for your Macy’s American Express Card is easy. You can access your account through the Macy’s website or mobile app to pay. If you’re interested in applying for a Macy’s Credit Card, watch our upcoming post on how to do so. Keep reading for more information.

Macy's Credit Card

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Now that you’re well-acquainted with the fantastic Macy’s Credit Card, why not consider a second option? If you want more shopping perks, check out the Torrid Credit Card.

It offers its own set of enticing benefits that fashion enthusiasts will adore, such as a 5% discount on purchases. Stay tuned to find out how to make your application. Read on!

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