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Juno Card, receive part of your paychecks in crypto!


If you’re like most people, you’re always looking for ways to save money. That’s where Juno Card comes in – a new debit card application that promises to make your life easier and your wallet thicker with the 5% cash back you’ll earn on eligible purchases. Also, you won’t have to worry about annual fees with it!


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Check out the main advantages of having a Juno Debit Card!

No hidden fees;
5% cash back on all eligible purchases;
Online management for easy tracking of your spending and rewards;
Quick and easy application process.

You will remain in the same website

Embark on an innovative financial journey with the Juno Debit Card, blending traditional spending with the fascinating world of cryptocurrency.

Enjoy 5% cashback on eligible purchases and the perk of managing and earning crypto seamlessly, all with zero annual fees.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • 5% Cashback: Rewarding financial management with notable savings on every transaction.
  • Crypto Affinity: Manage and earn crypto, welcoming financial future readiness.
  • No Annual Fees: A cost-free experience in annual card management.
  • Inclusive Financial Management: Widespread acceptability across numerous platforms.
  • Secure App Usage: Ensuring your financial management is both user-friendly and secure.
  • Paycheck in Crypto: Opportunity to receive a portion of your salary in cryptocurrency.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Stay updated with instant alerts for all card activities.
  • Savvy Spending Management: In-app tools to monitor and manage your spending efficiently.
  • Easy Card Lock/Unlock: Ensuring security is at your fingertips in case of card misplacement.
  • Global Usability: Use your Juno card worldwide for all kinds of transactions.

Limitations to Consider

  • Crypto Volatility: Your assets may be subject to the notorious fluctuations of the crypto market.
  • App-Dependent: Necessity to manage your assets via the Juno app.
  • Geographic Limitations: Certain features may not be available to all global users.
  • Cashback Terms: Conditions apply to the eligibility of 5% cashback, limiting its universality.
  • Limited Physical Outlets: Potential restrictions in usage at certain offline stores.
  • Cybersecurity Risks: Managing finances online always comes with a risk of cyber threats.
  • Learning Curve: Understanding crypto management might be challenging for some.

Navigating through the realms of the financial future is an exhilarating adventure with the Juno Debit Card.

Experience a confluence of traditional and crypto financial management, ensuring your journey through expenditures, savings, and asset management is as contemporary and lucrative as it can be.

Juno is not a bank but rather a fintech startup. Evolve Bank & Trust is an FDIC-insured institution that you can trust. Our banking partner, Evolve Bank and Trust, will insure your cash deposits up to the FDIC limit. Therefore, you can be sure that your money will be safe.

If you love to buy crypto and are looking for a debit card to manage your finances and get cashback, the Juno Debit Card can be a perfect choice! So, you’ll be able to earn a high cashback rate for your purchase and spend it at your favorite brands. Also, the OnJuno bank features can be great to help you improve your finances!

There are no transaction fees associated with the Juno debit card. There are no fees for overdrafts or currency conversions. A Basic account user is allowed one free out-of-network ATM withdrawal every calendar month. Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy the features of this card for a few fees.

Juno Debit card

Juno Debit Card application

Apply for a Juno Debit Card and get all the benefits of a traditional banking account without visiting a physical branch. Read on!

Are you not so sure about getting the Juno Debit Card? Are you looking for a debit card with more simple options? If so, you can try applying for the Sable Card!

With this credit card, you’ll be able to earn cashback and pay no fees! Therefore, read our post below to learn how to apply for this card!

sable debit card

Sable Card application

Applying for a Sable card is an excellent idea. Open your account online and get your debit card with no fees. This article will show you how to get a Sable card.

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