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Sable Card application: how does it work?

Applying for a Sable card is an excellent idea. Open your account online and get your debit card with no fees. This article will show you how to get a Sable card.


Sable card: get e debit card that is simple to use and has no fees

sable debit card
You’ll get your physical card within 7-10 days after your application. Source: The Mad Capitalist.

If you need a better way to manage your finances, we recommend looking at the Sable card. It has no fees and gives you cashback for selected purchases. And to have better access to your account, you’ll have a modern app with helpful features.

Many people face hard times trying to open an account if they don’t have a Social Security Number. Or even if you don’t have an excellent credit score. But that’s not going to happen with your Sable, as they analyze your application not only for your credit score.

Opening your account is very simple, and you can do it online. As soon as you get approved, you’ll receive a virtual card to start using right away. But don’t worry, you’ll get a beautiful physical card too. It is not common for debit cards to give cashback, but Sable gives you 1% cashback on selected purchases. And to get even better, you’ll pay no fees to enjoy all these benefits.

In this content, we’ll tell you how you can get this card for yourself.

Edit: The Sable Card is no longer active. This article is for informative purposes only.

Apply online

smiling man holding cellphone on the street
Have easy access to your account through Sable mobile app. Source: Freepik

Sable has an intelligent way for you to manage every aspect of your account. You’ll have every information you need about your expenses and benefits Through the mobile app.

The first step is to get your Sable card is to go to the Sable website and make your registration. Just answer a short form with your personal info (full name, email address, and a password).

Once you complete this step, you can download the app to proceed with your application. You can download it for free at Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Now, you just need to inform them of a few more things about you, like your social security number or your passport and your address. As soon as you complete the registration, you’ll get a virtual card and can start using it as soon as you deposit any amount in your account.

What about a cashback credit card?

Sable debit card offers 1% cashback on selected purchases. What do you think about these rewards? Are you interested in getting even more cashback? We’ve made a list of the best credit cards with cashback. Pick any card on this list, and you’ll have an excellent credit card that rewards you for your purchases. It feels good to see some of your money coming back to you. Do you already have one of these cards? Read on to find out.

woman holding money

10 best credit cards with cashback rewards

If you like to get cashback as a reward, take a look at these credit cards. They have some of the best performances on the market, and their benefits will impress you.

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