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If you're working hard to get your credit back on track, this card makes it a little easier

First Access Visa® Card: Start right away to rebuild your credit!


Would you like to have a more solid credit score? The First Access Visa® Card can help. This card offers 24/7 live customer service, fraud protection, and access to purchases anywhere that accepts Visa! Plus, your payments are reported to the credit bureaus, and you can manage everything about your account online with mobile banking.

First Access Visa® Card can be the first step to improving your credit score. Get started by learning the advantages of getting it.

Get your credit score up in no time;
Easy online application process that only takes a few minutes;
Payment reports to all major credit bureaus;
No need for high credit score to qualify.

No, the First Access Visa® Card does not offer rewards. It’s a credit rebuilding card that helps people who have had difficulty obtaining traditional credit products to start rebuilding their credit history. It’s a great option for those who have made mistakes in the past and need to begin reestablishing good credit habits.

No minimum credit score is required for the First Access Visa® Card. You can be approved with a poor or bad credit score.

The First Access Visa® Card reports your account activity to all three major credit bureaus, so it can help you build a strong credit history. Also, it’s made for poor credit customers. And you can use it to improve your credit without putting any extra money at risk.

First Access Visa® Card

How to apply for First Access Visa® Card

Learn how the First Access Visa® Card application works and why you should consider applying for this credit card. Keep reading!

Are you looking for other alternatives for bad credit? If you like Horizon outlet, try their card. You can exclusively use the Merit Platinum Card at this store.

Still, it’s a suitable option for customers that want to rebuild or start their credit score from zero. It offers a credit limit of $750.

Plus, you won’t be paying APR either. It’s a nice affordable card for bad credit. Learn more about it and how to apply in our post below.

Merit Platinum credit card

How to apply for Merit Platinum card

Learn how to apply for the Merit Platinum card, perfect for consumers looking to rebuild their credit score. Keep reading!

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