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Build or rebuild your credit score while enjoying Mastercard® benefits!

Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard® Credit Card: a starter card by Capital One


It is not easy to get a decent credit card with a low credit score, but this card is different. You’ll get the chance to rebuild your credit score with the Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard® Credit Card. It is easy to fill the eligibility requirements, and you’ll get a credit card to use however you want to. Enjoy a Mastercard card and travel benefits.


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More than just a credit builder credit card, you'll get amazing benefits.

Apply even with a low credit score;
Zero fraud liability;
Travel assistance;
Purchase assurance and extended warranty.

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Embarking on a credit-building journey? The Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard® is a beacon for those needing a fresh financial start.

This card isn’t about lavish perks; it’s a tool designed to help you establish or rebuild your credit, providing a foothold in the world of financial growth.

Here’s a deep dive into what makes this card both a practical choice and what considerations to keep in mind.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Guaranteed Approval: Almost everyone gets approved. Whether you’re recovering from financial missteps or have never had credit, you’re nearly guaranteed a starting point here.
  • Credit-building Opportunities: Responsible use of this card is reported to all three major credit bureaus, creating a foundation for credit growth by demonstrating consistent, timely payments over a period.
  • No Security Deposit Required: Unlike many other credit-building options, this card doesn’t require an upfront security deposit while still offering a modest credit limit, making it accessible for many.
  • Fraud Coverage: You’re protected with zero fraud liability if your card is lost or stolen, meaning peace of mind and security in your financial journey.
  • Free Credit Score: Registered users can track their credit score improvement for free, providing a tangible way to witness your financial habits’ impact.

Limitations to Consider

  • High-Interest Rates: The card comes with a significantly high-interest rate, meaning carrying a balance from month to month can lead to substantial charges, potentially negating credit-building efforts.
  • Annual Fee: There’s an annual fee attached, which is something to consider if you’re budget-conscious and looking for a cost-effective way to build credit.
  • Limited Features: Don’t expect cash back, travel rewards, or luxury perks with this card. It’s a no-frills option focused solely on building credit.
  • Credit Limit: The initial credit limit is typically low, reflecting the card’s purpose for credit building rather than high-spending flexibility.

The Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard® is a financial stepping-stone. It doesn’t dazzle with rewards but offers the more significant gift of a second chance or a good start in credit building.

It’s a card that demands responsible use, especially given the high-interest rates and annual fee, but for those committed to rebuilding or establishing their credit, it’s a worthy tool in your financial arsenal. 

Yes! It can be a great credit card option if you want a card to help make everyday purchases and other purposes. You don’t need to fit that many requirements to get approval. Also, you can get access to Zero Liability protection and other perks!

It would be nice if the approval for the Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard® was really guaranteed. However, you’ll need to follow some requirements to have more chances of qualifying. For example, you can’t have an existing Capital One account or a pending application. Also, you’ll need to be of the age of majority, and there are other requirements.

Yes! The Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard® was developed to help people who need to establish or build credit. Also, you can see if you’re pre-qualified for this card with no harm to your credit score. Plus, you’ll be able to build credit over time if you use the card responsibly.

Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard®

Application for Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard®

Apply for the Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard® Credit Card. It will not require your credit score, so don't worry about it. Keep reading to understand how to apply!

Are you still looking for different credit card options that are not the Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard®? If so, you should try learning more about the Neo Credit Card.

neo financial credit card

How do you get the Neo Credit Card?

Learn how to apply for the Neo Credit Card and enjoy exclusive perks without the common fees!

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