What to do if I didn’t get my Stimulus Check? [2023]

If you're one of the many people who didn't receive their stimulus check, don't worry! We have all the information you need on what to do next. Keep reading!


Find out how to claim your Stimulus Check

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What to do if I didn’t get my Stimulus Check? That’s a question that many people have, mainly if they’ve missed out on their first and second stimulus check payments.

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Don’t worry — it’s not too late to claim your third stimulus funds. This blog post will discuss what to do if you didn’t receive your benefit and how to verify your payment status. Read on!

How can you verify the status of your Stimulus Check?

First things first, let’s get to the concept. A Stimulus Check is a form of economic stimulus sent directly to eligible taxpayers.

The purpose of a stimulus check is to provide extra money to citizens so that they can spend it and stimulate the economy.

The hope is that giving people more money will make them more likely to buy things, which will help businesses and create jobs.

There are several different ways to send a stimulus check to citizens. One way is through direct deposits into bank accounts or through checks mailed to homes.

Another way is providing vouchers that can be used at specific stores or restaurants.

Verifying your Stimulus Check status

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If you are eligible for Stimulus Check status, visit to discover the current status of your Economic Impact Payment easily.

The Get My Payment tool can tell you if you’ve received a payment and whether it was wired directly into your account or sent publicly through the mail.

That way, you’ll be able to take charge of your payment process and easily verify its status.

All you need is basic information, such as your Social Security number (or ITIN), date of birth, address, and filing status, to check the status of your EIP.

In addition to using this tool on the IRS website, there are other ways to find out about missing payments.

For instance, if you filed taxes in 2020 but haven’t heard anything about a potential stimulus check, then contact them directly via email or phone call to help track down any missing payments.

The IRS has also set up a hotline specifically for questions related to EIPs.

Taxpayers can use it to speak directly with customer service representatives who may be able to provide further assistance with locating their missing funds.

Get your Stimulus Check in 2023: here’s how

It’s been a long wait for Americans eagerly expecting their stimulus checks following the signing of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act.

Unfortunately, there have still been no direct payments made into people’s bank accounts since its enactment in early 2021 – but with some patience, this could soon change.

Despite the uphill battle of bipartisan support, there is still an opportunity for more stimulus payments to be sent out in 2023.

It could mean light at the end of this financial tunnel- millions may receive the benefit this year.

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Can I still receive my Stimulus Checks from 2021 and 2022?

If you didn’t receive your stimulus checks from 2021 and 2022, soon may be the time to take action.

So, when the time comes, make sure you file a 2020 tax return if you missed receiving the first and second payments.

Plus, to claim the third payment, wait until the tax season begins again in 2023 or use, which will open on January 31st, 2023.

The pandemic has caused financial hardship for many people.

With the federal government still in the process of approving stimulus payments, some states have taken it upon themselves to provide their citizens with necessary financial aid.

But when can you expect your check to arrive, and where? Let’s find out.

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How Each State is Different 

Each state has different rules and regulations surrounding who is eligible for a stimulus payment, how much money they are eligible for, and when they will receive their payment.

Most states disregard the $1,400 limit set by the federal government and offer higher amounts depending on income levels.


For instance, according to their income level, California offers up to $1,050, depending on income and dependents.

However, about 5% of Californians still wait for their payments. These payments might come until the end of January for these people.


United States Treasury check issued for Economic Impact Payment
Get your Stimulus Check in 2023: here’s how! Source: Adobe Stock

Colorado is providing the following payments for those who haven’t received their Stimulus Check yet:

  • Up to $750 for single tax filers.
  • Up to $1,500 for joint filers.

The payments are also expected to be sent out up to January 31st, 2023.

South Carolina

South Carolina is increasing the amount of money provided to those with lower incomes while still abiding by the federal limit of $800 per individual.

Citizens that file their tax returns by February 2023 might receive their payments in March of the same year.

New Jersey 

New Jersey residents who own houses can receive up to $1,500.

And renters are eligible to get up to $450 in rebates. These payments are coming in March, too.


Idaho residents eligible for Stimulus Check payments will receive up to 10% of the amount they reported in 2020 in tax returns.

Another alternative is receiving $300 for single filers and $600 for joint ones.

All things said, there are no more reasons to miss out on your chance to receive Stimulus funds.

This blog post elucidated the steps you need to take if your payment hasn’t been received.

Also, you understood how to check its status and apply for it quickly. However, if you need more details, requirements, and application information, stay tuned.

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