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Ally Invest: a number of investment options available at low transaction fees


Ally Invest is an excellent choice if you plan on trading frequently and appreciate a complete trading platform. It offers low transaction fees on stocks, options and ETFs, with $0 cost per stock trades and $0.50 per options trade. This broker also offers 24/7 customer service via chat, email or phone.


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Have a look at some of the benefits of holding an Ally Invest account.

Solid research tools;
Robust web-based platform;
Trading is commission free for eligible U.S. stocks, options and ETFs;
No account minimums.

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Discover the world of smart, user-centric investing with Ally Invest, where every feature and service is designed to support both seasoned traders and curious beginners.

This platform isn’t just a portal to enter the stock market; it’s your comprehensive companion in carving out your financial future in the investment world.

Dive in as we dissect its promising advantages and the few shortcomings to keep in mind.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Self-Directed Trading: Ally Invest caters to the independent investor with a passion for hands-on market interaction, offering a platform for self-directed trading.
  • No Account Minimums: Accessible investing is at the heart of Ally Invest, emphasized by their zero account minimum. This approach lowers the entry barrier for new investors.
  • Competitive Pricing: With some of the industry’s most customer-friendly pricing, Ally Invest makes trading more cost-effective.
  • Robust Research Tools: Knowledge is power in the world of investing, and Ally Invest provides a wealth of research tools and resources.
  • Managed Portfolio Options: For those who prefer a hands-off investment approach, Ally Invest offers automated, professionally managed portfolios. 

Limitations to Consider

  • Limited International Trading: If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio globally, Ally Invest falls short. It primarily supports domestic trading, limiting exposure to international markets.
  • No Physical Branches: The lack of brick-and-mortar locations means all consultations or customer service interactions are online or over the phone. 
  • Platform Complexity: The initial learning curve for mastering the platform might be steep for individuals new to investment tools.
  • Inactivity Fees: Although the platform is great for active traders, those who are less active could face inactivity fees, potentially making it less cost-effective for sporadic traders.

In conclusion, Ally Invest emerges as a powerhouse in the digital investment arena, blending user-friendly trading with professional-grade resources.

While its services cater wonderfully to active, informed traders, the platform may pose certain limitations for those seeking global trading options or preferring in-person guidance.

As with any financial venture, prospective users should weigh these factors against their personal investment journey and goals.

Ally has lately moved its attention to millennial and female investors; nonetheless, its products are fantastic for beginner and active traders alike owing to reasonable rates, a strong and user-friendly interface, instructional assistance, useful tools like screeners, and good customer care.

With Ally Invest, you may access your cash or retirement account at any time with no fees and no minimum withdrawal amount. There is no minimum opening balance for a self-directed brokerage cash account.

Ally Invest makes money in the same ways that other banks do. Therefore, Ally Invest benefits from the common brokerage practice of payment for order flow.

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How to start investing with Ally Invest?

Opening an account with Ally Invest is a simple process. In this article we’re going to show you how to do it. So read on and learn how to open your account!

Are you not so sure about opening your account through Ally Invest? If so, you can try a different more traditional bank account. This way, you can try applying to open a Chase Bank Account!

With this account, you’ll be able to get incredible perks and find great account options. Therefore, you can read our post below to learn more and see how to open your account!

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Chase Bank Account application

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