No need to leave home: 10 best Pregnancy Test Apps to download

Start your pregnancy journey off on the right foot. Our list of the 10 most accurate pregnancy test apps has got you covered - and you can download them on your phone today. Check it out!


Connect with Baby from Day One with these Pregnancy Test Apps

Bringing new life into the world is a magical experience but can also be overwhelming. Thankfully, these 10 pregnancy test apps help guide you through every stage. 

Whether expecting your first child or your fifth, the right pregnancy test app can make all the difference. Check out our top picks to find the perfect one. Read on!

From Conception to Delivery: The Top 10 Pregnancy Apps for Moms-to-Be

Pregnancy can be incredibly overwhelming and challenging, but with these 10 top pregnancy apps, you can stay informed, organized, and confident throughout your journey. 

Here are our picks!

1. Pregnancy+

Available for iPhones and Androids, this app provides the following:

  • A due date calculator.
  • A daily blog with relevant articles.
  • A photo album for tracking your baby’s growth.

It also has interactive 3D models to track your baby’s growth, weight, blood pressure, and other health indicators.

2. Pregnancy and Baby Tracker: WTE

This app gives you daily updates on your baby’s growth, a due date calculator, a symptom tracker, and even a baby name finder. 

It also offers guidance during and after pregnancy, with weekly videos tailored to your baby’s growth and a personalized checklist for your baby registry.

3. Nurture Pregnancy week by week

What sets this app apart is its focus on supporting moms who have experienced baby loss. 

It provides a safe and understanding community where you can connect with others who have been through a similar experience. 

In addition, it offers daily updates on your baby’s growth, weekly videos that detail what to expect during each stage of pregnancy, and a personalized checklist to help you prepare for your baby’s arrival.

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4. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

This app is good for tracking your baby’s growth and changes in your body during pregnancy at each stage. 

It also includes 3D renderings of your fetus every week and a timeline of its development.

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5. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

Considered one of the best apps in the market, this app offers advice from healthcare professionals and experienced moms, discussion forums on pregnancy topics, and baby’s development by trimester.  

The app’s weekly 3D renderings of your developing fetus, coupled with a comprehensive timeline of its growth, keep you well-informed and connected with your baby’s progress.

6. Pregnancy and Due Tracker

This free and easy-to-use app provides a pregnancy calendar and reminders for hospital visits and test dates. 

A unique feature is its “kick counter” feature, which counts your baby’s fetal movements and sends alerts.

7. Amma- Pregnancy and baby tracker

The Amma app has one-of-a-kind features for mothers that include sharing personal experiences with other expectant mothers. 

It also lists recipes that are friendly to pregnant women, calculates your pregnancy due based on the conception date, and helps to identify when contractions need a doctor’s assistance.

8. Pregnancy App Preglife

This app has a 3D scan feature that allows users to visualize their baby’s growth in the womb. 

Additionally, the app provides weekly details of baby development and personalized information on pregnancy progress.

9. Sprout Pregnancy

The Sprout Pregnancy app has a personalized pregnancy experience feature that allows users to compare their progress with information from other pregnant women. 

It has pregnancy tips, a calendar, a kick counter, and reminders for medical appointments.

10. WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD Pregnancy is an app that offers interactive 3D models of fetal development, food, and symptom trackers, and push notifications of reminders and daily articles to read. 

It is backed by medical research and publications, with access to practitioners’ tips, reports, and recommendations.

After everything is well regarding your health, you can relax by watching your favorite movies online. So, read our post below to see our top apps to help you out!

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