Capital One Platinum Credit Card application: how does it work?

If you are new to credit or want to rebuild yours, The Capital One Platinum Credit Card might be what you need. You won't have to worry about a secured deposit and can apply anywhere online. Read on!


Capital One Platinum Credit Card: No annual fee and quick online application

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Learn how the application process works. Read on! Source: Capital One

Do you want to get a Capital One Platinum Credit Card? It could be a great way to improve your credit score and start enjoying the benefits of a good credit rating.


Credit Card

Capital One Platinum

no annual fee build credit

Build your score. Pre-qualify online.

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This blog post will look at what you need to do to apply for this card and what you can expect once approved. Also, this card offers $0 fraud liability and much more! So, keep reading to learn more!

Apply online

Find out if you’re eligible for this card. Keep reading! Source: Pexels

Applying for the Capital One Platinum Credit Card is a quick and easy process.

To apply, you’ll need to provide basic personal information, such as your name, address, and date of birth. You’ll also need to provide your Social Security number and income information.

Still, it’s a requirement to be at least 18 years old and be an American resident. Once you’ve submitted your application, Capital One will review your credit history and decide.

You’ll receive a response in seconds and your Capital One Platinum Card within 7-10 business days if approved.

Apply using the app

The Capital One mobile app is a great way to manage your account: view your balance, make payments, and set up alerts to help you stay on top of your account activity.

However, you can not apply for a card with it. Instead, visit the Capital One website.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card vs. The First Latitude Platinum Mastercard® Secured Credit Card

Both credit cards are good for building or rebuilding credit. The main difference is that the First Latitude Platinum charges a secured deposit.

Let’s see what each card has to offer in the comparison below.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

  • Credit Score: Average;
  • Annual Fee: $0;
  • Regular APR: 30.74% variable APR on purchases and balance transfers; 30.74% variable APR for cash advances;
  • Welcome bonus: None;
  • Rewards: None.

Multiple personalized credit card offers

Applying won't hurt your credit score

You will be redirected to another website

The First Latitude Platinum Mastercard® Secured Credit Card

  • Credit Score: No minimum credit score;
  • Annual Fee: $25 for the first year, then $35 annually;
  • Regular APR: 22.24% Variable for Purchases; and 27.24% Variable for Cash Advances;
  • Welcome bonus: None;
  • Rewards: None.

If you’re more interested in getting the First Latitude Platinum Mastercard® Secured Credit Card, read our post below to learn about the application process!

The First Latitude Platinum Mastercard® Secured Credit Card

How to apply for First Latitude Platinum

Do you need to build or rebuild your credit score? Learn how to apply for the First Platinum Latitude Secured Card. Quick and online!

The content on this page is accurate as of the posting date; however, some of the offers mentioned may have expired.

For Capital One products listed on this page, some of the above benefits are provided by Visa® or Mastercard® and may vary by product. See the respective Guide to Benefits for details, as terms and exclusions apply.

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