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You can track all the mortgage steps in the PNC Bank app!

PNC Bank Mortgage: Loan terms of up 30 years!


The PNC Bank mortgage has your back when buying a new house. Whether you're just starting out or ready for the big purchase, they'll show every step of how things work and make sure everything goes smoothly. The down payment of 3% of the house price makes it good for people with a low or moderate income. Plus, you'll find government-backed mortgages if you are trying to get house assistance.

PNC Bank mortgage is a great way to get your dream house. It offers many different services, and they have been around for a long time. Check out the benefits of getting a loan with them.

Available in most states;
Apply online or in person;
Low income borrowers are eligible;
Grants available for those who qualify.

If you want a PNC Bank Mortgage, know that their agents will check your credit score, which is one of the most important requirements for this type of loan. So, to apply, you'll need an excellent FICO score of at least 620 - preferably higher.

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How to apply for PNC Bank Mortgage

Are you looking to apply for a PNC Bank Mortgage? Check out our easy online application process – find out how to get started here.

Isn't PNC Bank Mortgage what you are looking for? Don't worry! We suggest you check the SoFi mortgage, which also requires a minimum 3% down payment.

This lender has different conditions, such as a $100,000 minimum borrowing amount to start. Also, they don't work with government-backed mortgages, so they are not ideal if you want this.

The good part is that SoFi eases the application with an online process. Also, you can find 24/7 support and reach an agent any time you need.

The best thing about this mortgage is you can close the deal in about 28 days, so it's fast and convenient. Learn more about the SoFi mortgage and how to apply for it below.

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How to apply for SoFi Mortgage

Do you want to apply for a mortgage with SoFi mortgage? Read on to a complete guideline that covers all you need to know.

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