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Figure Home Equity Line: Get up to $400,000 in home equity line funds!


Do you need an online HELOC lender with low fees? Figure Home Equity Lines is the perfect solution for combining security and convenience with up to $400K in line funds that you can use for anything - no pesky fees or interminable waits! You can still earn automatic payment discounts and choose terms from 5-30 years. What else would you want?

If you're looking for a reliable online lender with low fees and rapid access to funds, Figure Home Equity Lines is the way to go. With them, not only will you get your HELOC quickly and easily, but you will also enjoy these amazing advantages below.

Get the money you need quickly and easily;
Get fixed interest rates that won't change;
Apply online and get an answer in minutes;
Use the funds for any purpose you choose.

Yes, Figure is a reputable lender. When it comes to customer satisfaction ratings, Figure ranks highly among those who have taken out a loan through their platform, with 94% saying they would recommend them to family or friends seeking credit solutions in the same situation, according to Trustpilot reviews from current customers on file as of October 2020. We can confidently say that Figure is a reputable lender worthy of consideration if you're looking for an online lending solution.

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Apply for the Figure Home Equity Line

How to apply for the Figure Home Equity Line? Let us guide you through the process with our useful tips! Get up to $400K! Check it out!

Don't want a HELOC but a personal loan? Then have a look at NetCredit Personal Loans. This product is perfect for those with damaged credit that need money for their projects but have exhausted all their options.

You can borrow small loans from $1,000 to 10,000 with a flexible payment plan and free financial education resources. Learn more about this product and how its application process works below.

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How to apply for the NetCredit Personal Loan

Apply for NetCredit Personal Loan with our help! We will break the process down! Borrow up to $10K with fast funding! Read on to learn more!

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