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Read about this incredible card that doubles rewards no matter the category of your purchases!

Citi® Double Cash Card: simple rewards program with lots of cashback!


We know everybody loves a good cashback. After all, your hard-earned money can be worth more with a sound credit card. Get the Citi® Double Cash Card and receive 2% cashback (1% in every purchase and 1% when you pay your credit card bill). And if this is not enough to convince you, know you’ll have a Mastercard signature for a $0 annual fee.


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Check the benefits you'll get with the Citi® Double Cash Card!

No annual fee;
Cashback in every purchase;
Unlimited cashback – no category restriction;
Fraud protection.

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Discover the magic of multiplied rewards with the Citi® Double Cash Card, a financial tool that doesn’t just simplify spending, but doubles the joy with its cash back approach.

This card isn’t your typical swipe-and-go; it’s a cash back concierge, rewarding your financial savvy not once, but twice!

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Double Rewards Mechanism: Embrace the unique 1% + 1% cash back system: 1% as you buy and another 1% as you pay, ensuring your responsible spending habits are doubly rewarded.
  • No Category Restrictions: Say farewell to sign-ups, spending categories, or caps, and hello to unrestricted earning potential on general purchases throughout the year.
  • No Annual Fee: Free yourself from the constraints of annual fees and channel the power of pure cashback efficiency, putting your hard-earned money where it belongs.
  • Flexible Redemption Options: From statement credits to checks or direct deposits, you control how to reclaim your cash, tailoring the rewards system to your financial flow.
  • Introductory APR Offer: Manage your balance transfers with an introductory APR, offering a window for strategic debt handling without the typical interest burden.
  • Citi® Identity Theft Solutions: Navigate the digital world confidently, armed with identity theft support geared to protect your sensitive financial data.

Limitations to Consider

  • No Sign-up Bonus: The absence of a welcome bonus, common in many competitors, means less upfront value for new cardholders seeking that initial points boost.
  • Balance Transfer Fee: While the card offers an introductory APR for balance transfers, each transfer incurs a fee, adding to your cost calculations.
  • Cash Back Redemption Minimum: Cash rewards can only be redeemed starting at $25, delaying gratification for those eager to access their earned cash immediately.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: Global travelers and shoppers are subject to extra fees, increasing the cost of purchases made beyond U.S. borders.
  • Late Payment Penalties: Responsible payment behavior is crucial, as late payments not only affect interest rates but also attract penalties, demanding promptness.

The Citi® Double Cash Card is a financial juggernaut for those who value straightforward, consistent rewards. Its absence of category restrictions and dual-phase cash back system underscores its simplicity and earning potential.

Though it necessitates conscientious balance management and a strategy for international transactions, it stands out as a compelling cash back catalyst in your financial arsenal, rewarding you at every turn.

Your points will be valid so long as your account is active. If you cancel your Citi® credit card account or transfer to a Citi® credit card that does not participate in the Citi ThankYou® Rewards program, any unused points will expire 60 days after your account is closed or the date you make the transition.

With the Citi Double Cash® Card, you may redeem your points for a wide variety of benefits and merchandise. It’s easy to exchange ThankYou® Points for cash, and there are several options for receiving your payout. Also, using Amazon’s Shop with Points program, you may also buy gift cards, travel, and other goodies. Values redeemable at the store are subject to change.

city double cash credit card

Application for the Citi® Double Cash Card

Getting cashback is one of the best features of a credit card. Having a double cashback is even better. Would you like to apply for the Citi® Double Cash Card? Read on!

Are you not so sure about getting the Citi® Double Cash Card? Then, maybe the Destiny Mastercard® you’ll fit your financial needs!

With this card, you’ll be able to qualify even with no credit score! Therefore, read our post below to learn all about how to apply!

destiny credit card

Application for the Destiny Mastercard®

The application process for Destiny Mastercard® is simple. Don't worry about credit scores inquiries. They are not required for this card. Stay here and read on to apply!

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