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Get Cashback Rewards and Fee-Free ATM Withdrawals – up to $300 welcome bonus

Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account: Start Earning Cashback Rewards!


Are you tired of paying fees for using ATMs and not getting anything in return? The Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account is the solution you’ve been looking for. With this account, you can enjoy cashback rewards on everyday purchases and fee-free ATM withdrawals. Plus, the application process is quick and easy, and you can open an account from the comfort of your own home.


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Are you ready to start earning cashback rewards and enjoying fee-free ATM withdrawals? Then it's time to open an Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account. Check out the four benefits listed above:

Cashback Rewards on Everyday Purchases
No Fees for ATM Withdrawals
No Monthly Maintenance Fees
Free Online Bill Pay

You will remain in the same website

Discover the ultimate banking experience with Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account. Say goodbye to monthly fees and hello to cash rewards! With amazing APY rates and unlimited ATM fee reimbursements nationwide, your money works harder for you. 

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Waive some fees: Pay no monthly maintenance fees and make your money grow quickly. Also, the Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account has zero overdraft or NSF fees.
  • Amazing welcome bonus: Open your account, use their promo code, and earn up to $300 welcome bonus.
  • APY rate: Are you ready to earn more?  Earn up to 3.30% APY – You can earn interest in multiple ways.
  • Online management: Axos Bank has a user-friendly mobile app to help you easily manage your account and debit card.

Limitations to Consider

  • Minimum deposit: You’ll need to make a minimum deposit of $50 in order to open your account.
  • Other fees: While Axos Bank won’t charge monthly maintenance, overdraft, or NSF fees, you might have to deal with other fees.
  • Rewards limitations: You must meet some requirements to earn the highest interest tier.

To sum up, the Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account provides the convenience of mobile banking and seamless online account management. It’s time to earn while you bank, so make the smart choice and start reaping the rewards with Axos Bank today.

If you use an out-of-network ATM with your Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account, the ATM provider may charge you a fee. However, Axos Bank will reimburse you for up to $8 in monthly ATM fees. In order to receive this reimbursement, you must meet the account’s qualifications for that month, which include receiving monthly direct deposits totaling at least $1,000, using your debit card for at least 15 transactions totaling $500 or more, and maintaining a minimum daily balance of $1,500.

You can open a joint account with the Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account. This allows you and your partner or spouse to manage your finances together in one convenient account. To open a joint account, both parties must provide their personal information and agree to the terms and conditions.

Setting up direct deposit with your Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account is easy. Simply provide your employer with your Axos Bank account and routing numbers, which can be found on your account statement or through online banking. Your employer will then send your paycheck directly to your account on each payday, eliminating the need for you to deposit a physical check.

If you don’t meet the qualifications for cashback rewards in a particular month, you won’t earn any cashback rewards for that month. However, you can still enjoy fee-free ATM withdrawals and all of the other benefits of the Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account. You can earn cashback rewards again in the following month by meeting the account’s qualifications.

No, there is no limit to the number of cashback rewards you can earn with the Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account. You can earn up to 1.00% cash back on qualifying purchases, adding up quickly over time. The more you use your debit card for everyday purchases, the more cashback rewards you can earn. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of fee-free ATM withdrawals you can make with this account.

Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account

Apply for Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account

Looking for easy checking account application? Discover how Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account process works, and start earning today.

Upgrade Rewards Checking is an interesting option with up to 2% cashback. Check out how to apply and have access to this alternative today.

Upgrade debit card and mobile banking

Upgrade Rewards Checking application

Get ready to take advantage of our Upgrade Rewards Checking! Apply now and enjoy no hidden fees and cash back on expenses! Read on!

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