Cheap Frontier Airlines flights: Book flights for $19

Want to score a cheap flight on Frontier Airlines? Here's what you need to know about how their pricing system works. Find the best deals. Keep reading!


by Suzana Brito

Published on 02/15/2023

Frontier Airlines: Ultra-cheap flights to travel on a budget

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Learn how to find cheap Frontier Airlines flights. Source: The Mad Capitalist

Are you tired of paying exorbitant fares for air travel? Frontier Airlines offers cheap flights for just $19 per ticket.

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How to buy cheap Frontier Airlines flights

Learn about the different ways to buy cheap Frontier Airlines flights and how to find the best deals. Find tickets from $19.

The airline also has a range of deals and discounts available throughout the year. Let’s take a closer look at how their policy works and where to find affordable fares.

How to buy cheap Frontier Airlines flights

Frontier Airlines is an American ultra-low-cost airline that offers flights to destinations such as the United States, Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.

Frontier Airlines is unique because it offers affordable fares and customer-friendly experiences.

So, budget travelers can take advantage of their super low-cost fares and save a lot. You can mainly find the best deals on their official website.


Frontier Cancellation Policy 

When canceling a flight with Frontier Airlines, the earlier you cancel, the more money you can save.


1. Cancellation within 24 hours after the purchase

Out of a window of 7 days before your trip, all tickets can be canceled and fully refunded in 24hrs, with no cancellation fees.

2. Cancellation in more than 24hrs after the purchase

The fees vary depending on how close to departure you are when canceling.

  • 60+ Days before departure: $0;
  • 59 to 7 Days before departure: $49;
  • 6 days or less to departure: $99.

You can avoid fees and get an entire purchase refund by purchasing their bundle (The works) and Flight Flexibility.

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Baggage Fees

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When you buy Frontier Airlines cheap flights, you must travel light. So, if you are thinking about carrying luggage, you’ll have to pay baggage fees.

They offer reasonable rates but double-check their website before booking your ticket.

Onboard Amenities 

Frontier does not offer onboard TVs or Wi-Fi service as part of their basic fares to keep prices down. 

Additionally, if you want food and beverages, you’ll have to pay separately from your ticket price. 

Find cheap Frontier Airlines flight offers at travel booking sites

Frontier Airlines’ cheap flights can be booked on their website or other traveling sites. Have a look at these 3 options.


On JustFly, you can search for Frontier Airlines’ cheap flights by date and destination and filter your results by price, duration, stopovers, and more.

Once you find a flight you’re interested in, you can book it directly on the site.


Wego is a travel search engine that provides users access to over 900 airlines, including Frontier Airlines, and 180 countries worldwide.

This website allows users to compare airfares and find the cheapest one. Still, you can book through the platform.


With Priceline, travelers can quickly search through hundreds of airline options, including Frontier Airlines.

Additionally, travelers can take advantage of special “Name Your Own Price” if they are flexible about their timeframes.

It lets customers pick their budget to see what types of flights (and prices) come up and matches their needs.

Is it safe to buy Frontier Airlines flights for lower prices?

Frontier Airlines is a safe airline with high pilot standards and uses advanced technology.

Their mission is to provide affordable flights so that you can travel paying less. So, it’s pretty safe to purchase their cheap fares.

Do you want to know more details about how to buy Frontier Airlines flights for lower prices? Keep reading to find out!

Frontier Airlines logo

How to buy cheap Frontier Airlines flights

Learn about the different ways to buy cheap Frontier Airlines flights and how to find the best deals. Find tickets from $19.

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