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Allegiant Airlines has everything you need for a worry-free travel experience!

Cheap Allegiant Air flights: find flights from $34 and explore several destinations


Enjoy convenience and affordability with Allegiant Airlines. Since 1997 this reliable American low-cost airline has provided customers with unbeatable value – find flexible dates to fit your schedule plus cheap fares that will help you stick within even tight budgets. Visit their website today for a full list of departure cities, including Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Austin, and more.


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Many low-price flights are waiting for you at Allegiant Airlines. Besides that, there are many other benefits to booking a flight with them. Have a look!

Find flights to destinations nationwide and worldwide;
Book cheap flights on the website any day;
Buy tickets as cheap as $34;
Cheap Allegiant Airlines are also available on many travel websites.

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Say hello to travel without the hefty price tag – welcome aboard Allegiant Air!

Renowned for offering flight options that don’t break the bank, Allegiant Air is here to sprinkle a dash of affordability on your travel dreams, ensuring the skies are accessible to one and all.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Competitive Pricing: Navigate through skies without financial worry. Allegiant’s competitive pricing model offers an economical travel option, making getaways more accessible.
  • Straight to Your Destination: Bypass lengthy layovers! Allegiant’s non-stop flight options mean you spend less time in the airport and more at your destination.
  • Bundling for Bargains: Enjoy the ease of crafting your complete holiday package. Bundle flights, accommodation, and car rentals for additional savings and a seamless travel experience.
  • Travel Your Way: Allegiant allows for a personalized flying experience. Choose your preferred seat, decide on baggage, and opt for priority boarding based on your preferences and budget.
  • Earn as You Fly: Allegiant’s loyalty program, myAllegiant Rewards, lets you accumulate points for your travels, paving the way for discounts and future flight perks.
  • Discover Seasonal Delights: Seasonal routes provide fresh, exciting travel destinations during peak times, adding a sprinkle of spontaneity to your travel plans.

Limitations to Consider

  • Flight Frequency Limitations: Flexibility is key! With a schedule less dense than some major airlines, planning ahead becomes essential.
  • Pay for the Perks: The affordability comes with a caveat. Additional services such as seat preferences and carry-on luggage come with extra fees.
  • Entertainment on Board: Bring a good book! The lack of complimentary in-flight entertainment calls for self-sourced amusement.
  • Smaller Airports, Bigger Adventures: Allegiant often frequents smaller airports, which might mean extra travel to reach your final destination.

Allegiant Air brings the dream of affordable travel to life, ensuring your next adventure is just a flight away.

While the journey with Allegiant might require a bit of flexibility and mindfulness about additional costs, the airline’s economical pricing and array of options create a patchwork of possibilities for every traveler.

Dive into a world where travel doesn’t cost the earth with Allegiant Air!

The destinations available through Allegiant Air flights include popular touristic spots like Las Vegas, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale. However, the airline also offers less frequented locations like Bangor, Maine, and Plattsburgh, New York.

You can find the lowest airfare on Allegiant Air by visiting their website. Additionally, you can check travel sites like Wego, Airfordable, and Justfly for the best deals.

Yes, Allegiant Air allows travellers to bring a carry-on which must no exceed 9 in. x 14 in. x 22 in. The measuring includes wheels, handles and decorations.

New York, USA - 17 February 2021: Allegiant mobile app icon on phone screen top view, Illustrative Editorial.

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