Destiny Mastercard® review: is it worth it?

Destiny Mastercard® will give you a $500 credit limit with no security deposit required. Is that what you are looking for? If so, read this article to learn more about this card.


by Julia Bermudez

03/18/2022 | Updated on 11/10/2022

Destiny Mastercard®: the card you need to build your credit with confidence

destiny credit card
You can choose the color of your Destiny Mastercard® at no extra charge. Source: The Mad Capitalist.

Is the Destiny Mastercard® right for you? That’s a question only you can answer, but we’re here to help make the decision easier.

In this article, we’ll go over the pros and cons of getting a Destiny Mastercard®, so that you can weigh them and make an informed decision.

destiny credit card

How do you get the Destiny Mastercard®?

If you don't have a good credit score, don't worry. You can apply for Destiny Mastercard® and build it up. Learn how to apply for it.

We’ll also give you tips on improving your credit score so that you may be eligible for a better card in the future.

If you’re interested in this information, please, keep reading.

Credit ScoreNo credit score is required, so it can be Poor/Fair.
Annual Fee$59 – $99
Regular APR24.9%
Welcome bonusNo welcome bonus is offered.
RewardsNo rewards program.

Destiny Mastercard®

If you are facing a challenging financial situation and have a low score, know that you are not alone. According to a consumer credit review by Experian, 16% of North Americans have a bad credit score, and 18% have a fair credit score. We know this can make accessing a credit card or loan difficult.

But how to build credit without credit? Some financial institutions have cards specifically for these cases to solve this issue. The Destiny Mastercard® is one of these options.

Genesis Financial Card Services issues the Destiny Mastercard®. Your application will be considered even if you have a bad credit score. But some factors will affect the card offer. One option has a $59 annual fee, and the other has a $79 annual fee that increases to $99 in the second year.

The card doesn’t offer any reward program or welcome bonus. The focus is just the credit line. Pay attention to late payments, or you’ll pay a high fee for it.


Destiny Mastercard®: should you get one?

purchasing with credit card
Make responsible use of your credit card on every purchase to build up your credit score. Source: Freepik

If you’re on a low score, you probably don’t have many options. While Destiny doesn’t offer many benefits, it can be a gateway. Use it for a few months until you can apply for a card with more benefits and lower fees.

Check out some pros and cons to help you decide:



  • Every credit score is accepted for application (but not everyone will get approved)
  • Start with a $500 credit limit
  • Do not require a security deposit.
  • Help to build your credit score by reporting your credit history to all three major credit bureaus.
  • You can choose between various card designs at no additional cost.


  • Have an annual fee, and it is deducted from your credit limit in the first month.
  • If you got the PLat-209 card offer, the annual fee increases after the first year from $79 to $99.
  • High late payment fee of $40.

Multiple personalized credit card offers

Applying won't hurt your credit score

You will be redirected to another website

Credit scores required

Destiny is targeted toward people with a not-so-good credit score. So you don’t have to worry if you have a bad or fair score. You can apply and you might be approved.

When you receive your card, make responsible use with no late payments to build a strong and healthy credit score. Keep a low rate between your credit limit and how much of it you’re using. A good way to do it is constantly paying your credit card bill.

In the future, you can apply for a better credit card with reward programs and other benefits.

Destiny Mastercard® application: how to do?

Applying for the Destiny Mastercard® is easy, and you can do it online. We’ll tell you more about the application process in the following content.

destiny credit card

How do you get the Destiny Mastercard®?

If you don't have a good credit score, don't worry. You can apply for Destiny Mastercard® and build it up. Learn how to apply for it.

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