Watch every NBA game online with these top streaming apps

Want to catch every NBA game online? Our list of the top streaming apps to watch NBA online ensures you won't miss a single shot. Find out more here!


Score Courtside Seats from Your Couch: Top 10 Apps to Watch NBA Online on Your Phone

Want to catch every NBA game, no matter where you are? Say goodbye to cable and hello to these top 10 apps to watch NBA online on your phone.

Whether you’re a die-hard NBA fan or just looking to catch a few games, these apps are perfect to see your favorite teams anywhere. Read on to find out which apps to download!

10 Must-Have Apps to Watch NBA Online

If you’re a basketball fan looking to keep up with every NBA game, you’ll want to check out these top 10 live-streaming apps for your phone. 

With real-time scores, news, and highlights, these apps are perfect for staying connected to your favorite teams and players.

1. NBA: Live Games & Scores 

The NBA: Live Games & Scores app keeps basketball fans up-to-date with their favorite teams and players through real-time scores, highlights, and player stats. 

You can stream live games, catch up on highlights later, and customize your experience by selecting your favorite teams and players. 

It’s the perfect tool to stay connected to the NBA on your iPhone or Android and get all the updates you need without being in front of a TV all day. 

2. ESPN 

As a well-known sports broadcasting network, ESPN is a reliable option for streaming NBA games. 

You can watch live games and replays and access highlights, news, and analysis.It’s available for Android and iPhone devices and is free to download. 

3. YouTube (TNT Sports) 

Use YouTube to watch NBA games by searching for the official NBA or TNT Sports channel, finding the live stream of the game you want to watch, and picking the stream to start watching. 

The app is free on Android and iOS, but some live streams may require a subscription or payment.

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4. Prime Video

Prime Video Amazon Prime members can watch live NBA games through Prime Video.

The app also offers access to highlights and analyses from various sports analysts.

5. Stream2watch 

Stream2watch is a popular platform that offers live streaming of various sports, such as soccer, tennis, and basketball, including NBA games. 

It’s an option for those who want to watch games for free. It works on desktop and mobile devices. 

6. Basketball Live 

Basketball Live is a mobile app that offers live streaming of NBA games, designed especially for NBA fans. 

The app can find live scores for each match, commentaries, detailed match and play stats, and team line-ups. 

Also, it’s possible to track your favorite players and teams and your club’s progress and stay up to date with news.

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7. BandPlay 

It is another app to watch NBA games online, replays, and highlights. It also offers access to other sports content, including football and cricket.


ARCSAK NBA LIVE is a great app for sports enthusiasts who want to stay up-to-date with NBA, NFL, and MLB games. 

Whether you’re a basketball, football, or baseball fan, this app has covered you with its free live-streaming services. 

The best part is that you can use it on your mobile and desktop devices to watch your favorite games from anywhere at any time.

9. Star+ 

Star+ is a streaming service with partnerships with various sports leagues, including the NBA. 

It enables them to broadcast live games and provide access to game highlights and other related content. 

Depending on your location and subscription plan, you may need to subscribe to the service and pay a fee.

10. Buffstreams 

Buffstreams is a free streaming platform for NBA games with high-quality video. 

You must create a free account to use the service, but you’ll be asked to provide your credit card details. 

The video quality is excellent so that you can watch your favorite matches in HD.

With these top 10 apps for watching NBA games online on your phone, you’ll never miss a game. 

They provide various features, from live streaming and replays to real-time scores and news.

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