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PREMIER Bankcard® Card: your second chance to get an excellent credit score


Are you trying to find a credit card that accepts your score? It will be hard to get back on track if no credit issuer gives you a second chance. That's why First Premier has a credit card designed specifically for you. You can get it with a damaged score and use it to build a strong one. Use it responsibly, and you can change your history.

First Premier will give you the support you need to rewrite your credit history. Read its main benefits below!

No need to put a security deposit on it;
Credit limit starts at $200 and goes up to $700;
You can improve your credit limit in 12 months;
Mobile app to manage your account.

Yes, the PREMIER Bankcard® can charge many fees even though it does not require a security deposit. So, if you want to apply for this card, you'll need to make sure you can pay for the fees, such as an annual fee ranging from $50 to $125 and a program fee ranging from $55 to $95.


PREMIER Bankcard® Card Application

Applying for a credit card with a poor credit score can be intimidating. But not with the PREMIER Bankcard® Card. Learn how to apply with any credit score.

If you're unsure about applying for the PREMIER Bankcard®, you can choose a different option with no annual fee and a higher credit limit. With the Petal 1 Visa card, you can earn up to 10% cash back on eligible purchases, and there is no annual fee. So, read our post below to learn about this card's application process.

Petal 1 Visa credit card

Application for the Petal 1 Visa card

You can get a credit card to rebuild your score while earning cashback rewards. Learn how to apply for the Petal 1 Visa card and enjoy its benefits.

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