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Discover Student Loan: Cover the full cost of your attendance and get rewarded for good grades and graduation.


The Discover Student Loan is perfect for students looking to either fully or partially cover their attendance costs. There are programs especially designed for graduate, undergraduate, MBA, health school, law, residency and bar exam students. Borrowers have flexible repayment options and get rewarded for good grades and for graduating.


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Check out some of the benefits of applying for a loan with Discover.

No fees;
Rewards for good performance and graduation;
Forbearance options;
Full cost coverage.

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Stepping into higher education can be financially challenging, but Discover Student Loans claim to make this journey less daunting.

Offering loans that cover up to 100% of your school-certified college costs, Discover positions itself as a viable solution for students.

Let’s unfold the specifics of what makes Discover Student Loans both advantageous and potentially limiting.

Strengths and Special Offerings

  • Zero Fees: Unlike other loans, Discover doesn’t burden you with extra fees, meaning no application, origination, or late fees, ensuring you borrow only what you need.
  • Flexible Repayment Options: Discover accommodates different repayment timelines and structures, catering to various financial situations, and offers deferment options while you’re in school.
  • Reward for Good Grades: Unique to Discover, a one-time cash reward is available for students who achieve high grades, adding a beneficial bonus to academic success.
  • U.S.-based Loan Specialists: Having access to dedicated, domestic customer service professionals simplifies resolution of queries or issues, a boon for borrowers navigating loan repayment.
  • Multiple Loan Options: Catering to an array of educational pathways, Discover offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional loans, ensuring your specific educational journey can be funded.

Limitations to Consider

  • Limited Deferment: Post-graduation, deferment options are minimal compared to federal loans, potentially causing financial strain if you’re not immediately employed.
  • No Co-signer Release: The absence of an option to release your co-signer can be problematic, binding someone else’s finances to your loan until it’s fully repaid.
  • Private vs. Federal: As a private lender, Discover might not offer the same flexibility or borrower protections that federal loans do, which could be critical during financial hardship.
  • Credit Dependent: Loan approval and interest rates are heavily dependent on good credit history, which might not be favorable for students without a credit background or with a low score.

Discover Student Loans illuminate the pathway to higher education with their borrower-friendly perks, especially appealing for those keen on avoiding unnecessary fees and earning rewards for academic performance.

However, the limitations, particularly concerning deferment and reliance on credit history, prompt a careful comparison with federal loans.

For students stepping into this significant life chapter, weighing these aspects against personal financial landscapes is crucial.

If your credit is excellent, you may qualify for a lower interest rate on a Discover Student Loan. Submitting an application does not guarantee a certain interest rate. It will depend on things like the interest rate, the repayment schedule the borrower and cosigner agree upon, and their respective credit histories.

Discover’s student loans stand out from the crowd because to its low interest rates, large discounts, flexible repayment choices, and complete lack of fees. If you’ve already applied for and been denied free financial help, your best bet if you need extra money is a flexible lender that offers consolidation options.

Refinancing may help you save money on your monthly payments if you have several student loans by consolidating them into one loan with a new, potentially lower interest rate and/or longer repayment period.

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Learn to apply for a Discover Student Loan

How about covering the full cost of attendance while being rewarded for good grades and graduation? Time to get your hands on this offer! Apply for Discover Student Loan!

Now that you know more about the Discover Student Loan, you know that it is a great option for students! Therefore, you can try applying for the Discover it Student Chrome credit card!

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Discover It Student Chrome

Application for the Discover it Student Chrome

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