How to buy cheap flights on Momondo

Finding the lowest fares has never been easier! Learn how to buy cheap flights on Momondo, with a wide range of airlines! Save big on your next trip!


Flexible booking with no extra fees!

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One of the best search engine travels, you can buy cheap flights on Momondo daily. Its wide variety of airlines makes it easy to score the best deals.




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Cheap flight from $100! Save big on your next trip!

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Learn how to use Momondo to secure the cheapest flights without breaking the bank. Read on!

Step by step to buy cheap tickets on Momondo

Choosing and booking your next flight no longer needs to be a source of stress or confusion.

By following these simple steps and making the most of Momondo’s user-friendly interface and features, you’ll be on your way to finding discounted flights!

Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

1. Getting started with Momondo

To begin your way to buy your tickets, head over to the Momondo website or download their mobile app from your device’s application store.

Set your preferred currency and language for a seamless experience.

Ensure you have the necessary information, including your departure and arrival destinations, travel dates, and the number of passengers.

2. Search and filter your options

Enter your travel details into the search bar and click the “search” button for a results list.

You can narrow your options by applying filters such as:

  •  Departure and arrival times;
  • Airlines;
  • Number of layovers;
  • Cabin class.

These filters find flights tailored to your preferences while keeping costs low.

Don’t forget to play around with the dates, as traveling a day or two earlier or later could result in significant savings.

3. Use the best fare finder

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Plan your next trip with Momondo! Source: Adobe Stock

Momondo’s Best Fare Finder is a useful tool for comparing prices over an extended period.

Also, you can use the “Price Calendar” feature to help you find the most affordable days to fly.

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4. Set up price alerts

Flight prices change frequently, and it can be tedious to keep checking for updates.

However, Momondo’s “Price Alerts” feature notifies you when the price of flight changes. Then it’s easier to track your preferences. This way, you can enjoy cheap flights truly!

5. Double-check before you book

Momondo includes mandatory fees and taxes in their displayed prices, but it’s crucial to check for additional costs such as checked baggage or choosing a specific seat.

Familiarize yourself with the airline’s policies to avoid surprises during your journey.

Find other deals and offers: Kayak

Another option to experience the ultimate convenience of cheap flights is Kayak—an app that makes trip planning easier and more cost-effective.

With one search, you can also compare flight prices, book hotels, reserve car rentals, and browse through vacation packages.

Also, you can take advantage of amazing travel deals from major and low-cost American airlines.

Want to know more about Kayak? Read our article below for a detailed breakdown of using a Kayak to find cheap flights today!

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How to buy cheap flights on Kayak

Do you want to save big on your flights? Check out how to buy cheap flights using Kayak. Flights from $29.99! Read on!

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