Cheap Avelo Airlines flights: fares from $29

Here is a complete guide to getting the best deals with them. Find multiple discounts and flight on a budget with Avelo Airlines! Keep reading!


by Suzana Brito

Published on 04/18/2023

Avelo Airlines: Your guide to flying on a budget

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Are you looking for a low-cost airline that flies to multiple destinations nationwide? Then the Avelo Airlines cheap flights should be on your radar!

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How to buy cheap Avelo Airlines flights

If you want to buy cheap Avelo Airlines flights, you are in the right place. Read to learn how to find flights from $29! Read on!

With flights to over 40 locations, Avelo Airlines focuses on making air travel more affordable and diverse. So check out their routes, booking process, prices, and more!

How to buy cheap Avelo Airlines flights

Avelo Airlines, an American carrier headquartered in Houston, flies scheduled flights between the West and East Coasts.

Offering ultra-low fares, this airline serves American cities currently underserved with point-to-point flights on routes otherwise not covered by other airlines.

This airline utilizes the Boeing 737-800s, featuring a 189-seat capacity across one cabin.

On the East Coast, Avelo flies from New Haven, Connecticut, to destinations in the northeast and southeast.

And on the West Coast, it mainly flies in California, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington.


Avelo works with scheduled flights. So many of its routes don’t operate daily.

Then it’s essential to plan to ensure a flight available for your desired dates.


One of the most significant advantages of booking with Avelo Airlines is their low prices.

With fares as low as $29, Avelo Airlines is an excellent choice for travelers on a budget.

Keep in mind, however, that prices may increase during holidays, with fares ranging up to $109 during peak travel times.


If you’re traveling with a furry friend, you’ll be charged a pet fee of $95.

Also, Avelo Airlines doesn’t offer any loyalty programs or benefits, so keep that in mind if you frequently travel with this airline.

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How to buy cheap Avelo Airlines flights. Source: Adobe Stock

When flying with cheap Avelo Airlines flights, passengers can take one personal item and a carry-on bag.

In general, there will be fees for baggage excess or overweight:

  • Overweight or Oversize: A $50 fee;
  • Overweight and oversize: A $100 fee;

However, certain flights or dates may not accept excess baggage.

Flight Changes

You’ll pay the difference if your fare is more expensive than the original. However, if lower than the original, you’ll receive it as a credit in Avelo.

Find cheap Avelo Airlines flight offers at travel booking sites

The first place to find cheap Avelo Airline flights is on their website.

However, you can use some travel search engines that will also help you find their fares. Here are three of them.


CheapOair is a popular travel booking site offering discounted Avelo Airlines flights.

It has a user-friendly interface allows you to find cheap flights based on your preferences.


Secondly, Hopper is a travel booking app that uses data analysis to predict the best flight times.

The app has a feature called “Flex Watch,” which allows you to monitor the price of a particular flight and receive alerts when the price drops.


Travelocity is another travel booking site that you can use to find cheap Avelo Airlines flight offers.

The site has a “Deals” section with exclusive flight, hotel, and activity discounts.

Buy cheap Avelo Airlines tickets today

Ready to get your hands on amazing Avelo Airlines deals? Uncover the tips and tricks in our post below!

Avelo Airlines logo

How to buy cheap Avelo Airlines flights

If you want to buy cheap Avelo Airlines flights, you are in the right place. Read to learn how to find flights from $29! Read on!

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