Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP): see how to apply

Get the scoop on what it takes to apply for ACFP! Get support to provide nutritious food for those who need it! Read on and learn more!


A way to provide nutritious meals and snacks in your childcare organization!

Child and Adult Care Food Program
Learn how to apply for the Child and Adult Care Food Program! Source: The Mad Capitalist

Learn how to apply for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), and have reimbursement for your care center that provides nutritious food for needy people!




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Nutrious meals and snacks for those who need it most!

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Keep reading to learn how to apply for this benefit! As well as the eligibility requirements! Then let’s get it started!


The Child and Adult Care Food Program covers two major groups: adults and children. And both must meet some eligibility requirements to qualify for this program!

  • Children or infants up to 12 years old in childcare and daycare centers;
  • Migrant workers’ kids up to 15;
  • Afterschool and emergency shelters are eligible for children up to 18.

For adults, individuals will be eligible if:

  • They are 60+, have a disability or mental disorder, and are members of care centers.


Gather the required documentation. To apply for the CACFP, you will need to provide proof of the following: 

  • You are a licensed childcare provider;
  • You are a non-profit organization.

Still, you’ll need to print some forms provided by the Child and Adult Care Food Program and fill them out.

How to apply for the Child and Adult Care Food Program in your state?

Learn how to apply for your state’s Child and Adult Care Food Program! Source: Freepik

If you are a parent or guardian looking to ensure your child’s nutrition, you can get in touch with the State Agency so that you get informed about the participating centers.

There might be some differences in the application process depending on the state you live in. Let’s look at the application process in California, for example.

First, you can contact them via email, and one of their staff members will review your request and write back to you in about seven days for a prescreening.

Then, the staff will ask a few questions to determine whether you are eligible for the  Child and Adult Care Food Program. Next, You’ll receive an email to finish your application if you are eligible.

Your process will go through a review, and you’ll be able to access the Child Nutrition Information and Payment system. If everything goes according to the plan, you can start getting a reimbursement.

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